Will Lawmakers Really Let Social Security Cuts Happen? | Smart Change: Personal Finance

(Maurie Backman) Social security is a crucial source of income for many retirees. But that income stream is in trouble. By 2035, Social Security benefit cuts might be on the table. That is, unless lawmakers intervene. But whether they take action — and do so in time — are the big questions. Why is Social … Read more

OLCF’s Doug Kothe on Pushing Frontier Across the Exascale Line and the Future of Leadership Supercomputers – High-Performance Computing News Analysis

Doug Kothe of Oak Ridge National Laboratory Everyone involved in the Frontier supercomputer project got a taste of what a moonshot is like. Granted, lives were not on the line with Frontier as they were when Armstrong and Aldrin went to the moon in 1969. But in other ways there are parallels between the space … Read more

Antipsychotic Drug Opens New Pathway To Beat Chronic Pain

Mouse sensory neurons are shown in magenta. BH4, the molecule driving chronic pain, is shown in green. Hence, the neurons “in pain” are seen in green/white. Credit: ©Cronin/IMBA Fresh hope for pain management from newly identified link between chronic pain and lung cancer in mice. Although it is uncomfortable, pain is an important alarm system … Read more

2022 Fantasy Football draft prep ADP review: The best values ​​by current, risers, fallers, targets, more more

There were a significant amount of Fantasy drafts held over the past two days during the final weekend in August, which also coincided with the end of preseason games. It’s a great time to study the Average Draft Position data heading into the final stretch of draft season. While we still have several things to … Read more

Meghan Markle and a Royal Family Adrift

“HMS Prince of Wales ‘faces long spell in dry dock’ after breaking down,” a headline in the telegraph read, on Tuesday. The Royal Navy’s three-billion-pound warship, which was launched five years ago, was scheduled to cross the Atlantic this week on its way to New York City, where it is slated to serve in late … Read more

5 Big Tech Stocks That Are Bargains Now

It has been a rough year for the stock market but even more so for mega-cap tech stocks. From the start of 2022 through early August, the four largest technology companies lost an average of 14% of their value, including dividends, compared with a decline of 12% for the benchmark S&P 500 Index. (Prices, returns … Read more

New study links ultra-processed foods and colorectal cancer in men

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain For many Americans, the convenience of pre-cooked and instant meals may make it easy to overlook the less-than-ideal nutritional information, but a team led by researchers at Tufts University and Harvard University hope that will change after recently discovering a link between the high consumption of ultra-processed foods and an increased … Read more

Using a GAN architecture to restore heavily compressed music files

Spectrograms of (a) original audio excerpts, (b) corresponding 32kbit/s MP3 versions, and (c), (d), (e) restorations with different noise z randomly sampled from N (0,I). Credit: Lattner & Nistal. Over the past few decades, computer scientists have developed increasingly advanced technologies and tools to store large amounts of music and audio files in electronic devices. … Read more