Aaron Carter’s fiancée called Walmart & Staples begging them not to serve him cleaning items after huffing relapse

AARON Carter’s fiancée called stores including Walmart and Staples and begged them not to serve him cleaning products after he secretly began huffing again, The US Sun can reveal.

Melanie Martin has opened up about her time with the star before he was tragically found dead in the bathtub of their home after relapsing days before.


Aaron Carter’s fiancée Melanie Martin says she desperately tried to get him cleanCredit: John Chapple for The US Sun
The couple split up once again the week of his death, but she hoped he would cool down and they would reconcile


The couple split up once again the week of his death, but she hoped he would cool down and they would reconcileCredit: Instagram

He previously claimed he had 100 seizures after huffing aerosols which put his life in danger and resulted in a rehab stint back in 2017.

Aaron, 34, claimed in his final interview in September he had been clean for almost five years, but Melanie alleged he was buying street drugs and huffing before his death.

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After receiving phone calls about a disturbing Instagram live feed three weeks before he died, which appeared to show him using, she confronted Aaron and he admitted to relapsing.

Melanie recalled: “He admitted it to me. He goes, ‘I can’t believe I did that.’ And then I said, ‘Can we please talk to a counselor?’ He’s like, yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ll do it.

“We talked to the counselor, he tells him, ‘Okay, that’s normal. You relapsed.’ Then he said, ‘I’m not available for a while, but I’ll keep you posted when I am available.”

Melanie, 35, said he was still struggling and she phoned a number of stores begging them to not sell Aaron household cleaning products including aerosol cans so he couldn’t get high.

She wanted him to turn his life around so they could focus on their son, Prince, after losing custody to her mom in March.

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Melanie said: “I contacted the stores in our area, which was Staples, I knew they sold it there, and then I contacted Walmart but I didn’t get through to them, they were very compliant at Staples.

“They said, ‘Yeah, we won’t serve it, we’ll put a note in our system.’

“And I said his name and everything and I said, ‘This is very, very, very important. Please, please do not sell this product to him. He has a history of addiction from years and years ago and he recently was relapsing, please help me.’ And she was very compliant about it.

“The girl didn’t even know who he was, to be honest, but I said, ‘Please help this man, he’s my fiance.’ “I said, ‘I’m terribly worried. Like please help me do not serve him. Please put signs up. I went to those lengths.’

“They said they’d had a couple of people call and say the same thing for Aaron Carter. She put the manager on the phone too and she said, ‘Yeah, we got a phone call today saying don’t let him purchase that .’ I said, ‘Well, good.’

“He had so many fans that really, really loved him, aside from all the hate that he got online.”

But despite her best efforts, she had another phone call on Halloween while she was staying with family, telling her he was huffing again on camera.


“We were completely fine on Halloween. I kissed him goodbye. I think I sent him McDonald’s or something on Postmates and I was like, ‘Baby your dinner, don’t forget to eat.’

“I was sleeping. I said ‘Goodnight babe.’ I sent him a picture of Prince. I don’t know if that made him upset. I’m not sure. It’s a mystery to me. We were completely fine. We were not on a breakup, but I left to go see our son for Halloween night.

“And then all of a sudden people are calling me and they say, ‘You know he’s doing this online,’ And immediately I call the cops, and then I call him too.

“And I said, ‘You need to drop what you’re doing.’ I said, ‘Babe, I’m coming over now.’ He goes, ‘No you’re not. You’re not coming over.’ He goes, ‘I know what I’m doing. I can do whatever I want.’

“He relapsed on Tuesday again. As far as I know, when we called the cops, they did nothing, they just let him go. They said he was free to go. He was denying it. He said, ‘I’m not doing anything.’

“I was going to let him cool down because he probably had such a bad day and I was like, ‘I’ll come over in the next few days, I’ll spend some time with Prince, get some good time in with him .'”


She said during his final week they were arguing while she was spending time with Prince and she continued to call the cops to check in on him.

He had recently hired a house-sitter and Melanie tried to speak to her, but she says Aaron told the woman to ignore her as they’d broken up.

The sitter was the person who found Aaron’s lifeless body in the tub at his Lancaster, California home and made a panicked call to 911.

Melanie insists he was upset with her because she continued to call the police to check in on him and felt she was trying to control him.

Text messages seen by The US Sun show their final conversation involved Aaron telling Melanie to go and pick up her belongings and move out of the house.

“Towards the end, there was really not a lot of love because all I was trying to do was help and it was like me just focusing on him trying to help make us a family again,” she said.

Heartbreaking, she told him in their final conversations, “I love you and I don’t want anything to happen to you, I would lose it”, but Aaron told her not to worry and that he was a grown man.


Melanie, who got engaged to the star in 2020 and welcomed their son Prince a year ago, says it devastated the star when they lost custody due to their tumultuous relationship.

Their son has been living with Melanie’s mother ever since, but she is adamant she’s close to resolving the issue and has moved into a new two-bed apartment for a fresh start.

She said Aaron was open about his previous struggles when they met, but never fully discussed why he turned to drugs but feared it may have been his struggle with fame at an early age.

Melanie recalled: “I remember we were watching Intervention and the episode came on for huffing and I didn’t even know what that was yet. And he goes, ‘You know, I went to rehab for this.’

“I said, ‘You did? This is scary.’ He was like, ‘I would never do it ever again.’ I feel like he tried to protect me by not telling me too much about his past.

“He told me to stay off the internet in the beginning and I did. I stayed off YouTube, I stayed off Twitter, stayed off all that. And I wasn’t really searching, you know, information about his past or anything like that .

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“He wanted somebody more mellow like me that wasn’t there for the fame and just wanted to love him.

She added: “It’s just so sad. I just really miss him and feel like it’s forever going to traumatize me.”

Beauty influencer Melanie broke down in tears as she recalled his addiction struggles


Beauty influencer Melanie broke down in tears as she recalled his addiction strugglesCredit: John Chapple for The US Sun
The pair had been dating on/off for three years and had plans to marry


The pair had been dating on/off for three years and had plans to marryCredit: Getty
The couple lost custody of their son in March due to their rocky relationship


The couple lost custody of their son in March due to their rocky relationshipCredit: Instagram/@missmelaniemartin


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