Aaron Carter’s fiancée Melanie Martin hits out at ‘enablers’ who ‘secretly sold star street drugs’ before his death

AARON Carter’s fiancée has hit out at ‘enablers’ who the late star allegedly bought street drugs from for thousands of dollars during his addiction battle.

Melanie Martin, who is the mother of the singer’s only child, has broken her silence in a wide-ranging interview with The US Sun about their relationship and his tragic death.


The 35-year-old says she was desperate to get Aaron clean as they welcomed their sonCredit: John Chapple for The US Sun
The former waitress broke down in tears during the emotional interview


The former waitress broke down in tears during the emotional interviewCredit: John Chapple for The US Sun
Influencer Melanie has been left devastated after losing the love of her life


Influencer Melanie has been left devastated after losing the love of her lifeCredit: Getty

The 34-year-old was found dead in his bathtub at their shared home in Lancaster, California on November 5, just days after they split once again.

Speaking exclusively to The US Sun, Melanie insists she tried in vain to get him to focus on being a partner and father after she suspected he was buying drugs more than a year ago.

His official cause of death is yet to be revealed as toxicology results are still pending, but police say they found prescription pills and cans of compressed air in his home.

Melanie, 35, claims the former child star had been clean for the majority of their three-year on/off relationship until “bad people from his past” started hanging out with him again.

She believes his inner circle grew after he revealed he was going to be a father for the first time, as people felt he would be back in the spotlight after his previous battle with drugs.

The influencer suspected during brief periods of their relationship that he was secretly being sold drugs, but says he only ever admitted to relapsing in his ‘huffing’ addiction just weeks before his death.

Aaron had previously been open about his struggles, claiming he had 100 seizures from huffing some years ago but told The US Sun in September he never took street drugs.

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Office or kitchen supplies can be ‘huffed’ or ‘sniffed’, while ‘dusting’ refers to a specific brand of dust cleaner which is inhaled.

An emotional Melanie told The US Sun: “These enablers were people in his past too, so they would come back. I didn’t see them until two years [of me] being with him.

“I saw payments on [his] Cell, which was connected to me, for $2/3,000. I knew what they were doing.

“We were fighting because he was like, ‘Oh, you’re trying to control what I’m doing’. He goes, ‘I owed him money.’ I’m like, no you didn’t.'”

Although Melanie insists she never saw him take drugs, from text messages she saw she believes he was buying “pain pills” and his pals would ask “Hey, do you want another care package?”

“There were points where I was yelling and screaming and scaring the people off,” she recalls.

“I had to basically like fight them off and tell them, ‘You’re not welcome in this house.’

“This didn’t happen until maybe I was seven months pregnant. Right in the beginning when we first found out [about the baby], everything was good, we were still great. We weren’t really having that many issues.


“It wasn’t until I was like seven, eight months that those people came around.

“That was the start of the worst part of his life, basically.

“That created a lot of friction between me and Aaron because I felt like he thought I was just nagging him and trying to boss him around, but I was only protecting him from these people. He was getting manipulated by them.

“I was right there and they hated me because I was the bad guy trying to make the party stop. Yeah, he’s a father, of course I’m going to try to make the party stop.

“I didn’t want to lose Aaron. Nobody wants to lose their love. Of course, they’re going to try whatever they can do to stop it.”

Melanie, who first connected with Aaron in 2019 through social media, got engaged to the star in June 2020 — and later welcomed their son last November.

The pair lost custody of Prince in March, and he has since been living with Melanie’s mother, but she insists she is close to resolving the legal issue.

Through tears, she said: “Now my son doesn’t have a father because of all these people getting involved and wanting to be his best friend and not looking out for him. Not looking out for his best interests.

“When I would get rid of one person, another person would come and try to do the same exact thing.

“I saw some messages where he said, ‘I want to be a father. I want to be good for my son. I have to clean up my act.’


“They were trying to sell him stuff off the streets and that’s completely illegal.

“I feel like the enablers wanted to get money and also wanted to be associated with his name.

“They knew that there was gonna be media, like ‘Aaron’s having his first baby, let’s be around him’.

“I don’t need recognition. I don’t care about that. I’m depressed over my fiance. I was with him for three years.

“This just wasn’t a little fling. And I wasn’t just his baby mama, I was his fiancee. We had our ups and downs, but that’s because of the struggles of his addiction and possibly his mental health.”

Melanie admits they had split up again a week before his death and she’d left their home to stay with family, but felt he would “cool off” and was planning to return to the house the day he was found dead.

Although she is unsure if his untimely death involved drugs and is waiting for the autopsy results, she said she would be willing to speak to the police about what she knows.


“I’m just trying to warn people that if you see this stuff, try to get the police involved or something, this could have been prevented if I just told the right people,” she admits.

“I think if I got the right help from somebody, somebody would’ve helped me get rid of these people and held them accountable for what they were doing.

“Friends should not be doing that to you. He had a legacy. He was Aaron Carter and they were doing that to him. You don’t think that something’s going to happen to him if you’re allowing that?”

She says she confronted him a number of times, including after being told he was huffing live on Instagram, but he only admitted to slipping once before his death.

Aaron, who gave his final interview to The US Sun, claimed he was on prescription medication after his previous huffing addiction “f***ed up” his brain.

But he insisted he would never overdose on pills or buy illegal drugs, saying: “I go through everything above board. Nothing ever off the streets, ever. I would never do that.

“I lost my sister to an accidental drug overdose so I would never do that. I would never overtake my medications.”

He had signed up for an outpatient rehab program in a desperate attempt to stay clean and was also trying to quit smoking weed.

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The I Want Candy singer maintained he was still on the road to recovery, alleging he was close to being five years sober.

His sister Leslie tragically died back in 2012 after taking too many prescription pills. She was just 25.

Aaron and Melanie were battling to get custody of their son when he died


Aaron and Melanie were battling to get custody of their son when he diedCredit: INSTAGRAM/aaroncarter
The chaotic scene outside the star's house after he was found dead


The chaotic scene outside the star’s house after he was found deadCredit: Katy Forrester for The US Sun


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