Sendoso vs PFL vs Alyce: Direct Mail Sending Platforms Reviewed

Looking for the best direct sending platforms to help you lock down maximum efficiency in terms of your promotional marketing strategy? We compared three of the top providers to give you the information you need to know.

What Are Direct Mail Sending Platforms and Why Should I Be Using Them?

Direct mail sending platforms are basically account-based marketing (ABM) solutions that allow their users to automate and streamline their promotional marketing strategy.

Account-based marketing is on the rise these days for a reason, more and more businesses are starting to allocate their resources to adopting smart strategies to treat each and every client in a personalized and individualized manner. This entails creating content and campaigns specifically designed to speak to each potential client on an individual basis, thus allowing businesses to take their targeted branding strategy to a whole new level.

For those who aren’t in on the loop, it also bears noting that account-based marketing is becoming a really hot trend fast, and for good reason, with up to 60% of companies planning launches for their account-based marketing strategy in 2019 alone.

One of the coolest things about account-based marketing approaches is that they allow for the seamless integration of time-proven, winning strategies like tangible promotional product-based marketing approaches with highly automated and precisely calibrated digital-based formats. Thus, users are given an opportunity to really take the effectiveness of their promotional marketing campaigns to a whole new level by using promotional products to create online incentives while ensuring that each and every client receives the type of branded gift that they will truly love to show off.

Of course, what many people don’t realize is that promotional product advertising on its own is already the most cost-effective way to generate a positive impression of your brand while maximizing ROI. The average promotional item will clock in thousands of impressions over its lifetime, and investments start as low as just a meager 1/10th of a cent per impression.

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Even better, the fact that promotional product advertising is a rare type of advertising that people actually enjoy being the recipient of help explains why it continues to beat out more contemporary advertising methods like Internet advertising by a whopping 2.5 times in terms of positive impact.

However, when you combine this type of time-tested effectiveness with the power of the Internet to provide a highly-targeted and personalized campaign like no other, you have the ability to take the amazing power of branded merchandise marketing to a whole new level, ensuring that your long-term and potential clients alike receive the type of branded gifts that they really want to receive each and every time.

And this is where direct sending platforms come in. These tools are designed to mobilize account-based marketing solutions to automatically streamline tactical marketing solutions like promotional product giveaways. This means that these platforms will help you take your branded marketing campaign to a whole new level while saving you precious time, money and resources in the process.

However, not all direct sending platforms are created equal, and before you take the plunge, this article is going to compare some of the relative advantages of three popular platforms so you can choose the type of product that will truly work for you.

Direct Mail Platforms Compared

When it comes to best available direct mail platforms on the market right now, industry leaders like Sendoso, PFL and Alyce all take the cake, but all for very different reasons. This means that depending on what specific goals and objectives you hope to achieve with your account-based marketing corporate gifting platforms, you will want to focus in on the solution that is best able to meet your top priorities.

With that in mind, here is a breakdown of some of the comparative features that the big three have to offer:

Sendoso vs PFL

The thing that makes Sendoso stand out from the rest in terms of corporate gift giving platforms is that it is specifically designed to handle comprehensive sending tasks, meaning that it is particularly well-suited in terms of promotional swag distribution in relation to other popular corporate gifting platforms.

This means that Sendoso tends to beat out PFL in terms of most of the relevant categories where data has been collected. In addition, the fact that it is designed to flawlessly integrate its performance with other online sales tools and customer relationship management systems such as Salesforce, Marketo means that it tends to be the go-to choice for anybody who is already rocking or would be planning to invest in complementary technology.

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However, there is one notable exception, and that is in the domain of campaign planning. Only PFL offers its users the capacity to enjoy sophisticated strategy mapping tools while tracking trending and prioritized accounts to help users plan out their campaign in the most effective way possible. In addition, the PFL platform also allows its users the capacity to truly target its users on a comprehensive one-on-one basis, which in turn, will help ensure that any promotional mailing campaigns truly hit the mark.

Likewise, both popular platforms pull the majority of their reviews from the mid-market segment, so when it comes down to making the pick between Sendoso and PFL, it is really about whether you prefer a more hands-on or automated approach. PFL gives its users the ability to plan their marketing campaigns and approach their clients in a more personal fashion, while Sendoso is all about comprehensive resource management.

Sendoso vs Alyce

While Sendoso tends to focus on streamlining tedious sending tasks that needlessly eat up time and resources, Alyce focuses on mobilizing AI technology to automate the entire online marketing process, from direct mailers to personalized messages to prospective leads to automatic gift and swag distribution. Thus, it can be a great asset for anybody who is interested in truly maximizing their returns when it comes to the best corporate gifting platforms.

Alyce also tends to outrank Sendoso in terms of certain aspects of doing business with the company itself. Users report slightly better quality of support, ease of doing business and product direction, although the numbers are not really significantly different enough to really make any definite conclusions here.

It also outranks the leading competitor in terms of logistics, platform basics, and marketing distribution, testing and tracking, and additional functionality, although both platforms clock in comparatively favorable overall ratings.

A notable difference between Sendoso vs Alyce, however, is that Alyce tends to appeal more to an enterprise-based market subset, with over half of reviewers reporting from that subset, while Sendoso snags a 70% percent reviewer share in the mid-market range.

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So when it comes to deciding between these two high-performing platforms, it may be more about what type of business you run and less about the performance variations themselves. Sendoso is more about offering all-around multi-purpose functionality while still allowing for a somewhat hands-on approach. Meanwhile, Alyce is all about taking advantage of AI technology to streamline operations to save time and money.

The Takeaway

For those small to mid-market users who are looking for the tools as resources that they need to get up close and personal with their clients in a way that will help solidify lasting relationships while still automating myriad time-wasting aspects in terms of the promotional product mailing process, PFL can be a great pick.

Meanwhile, Sendoso offers more effective and comprehensive-time management tools while still catering to a small to a mid-range market segment. However, users can count on the experience being a bit more hands-off than it would with PFL, where the focus is more on equipping users with the information that they need to focus on to complete their mailing campaign effectively rather than providing the tools they need to handle everything for them.

Meanwhile, when it comes to mobilizing truly hands-off AI-based technology, Alyce takes the cake. It does tend to outperform the other leading platforms in terms of most categories, but it also caters more to an enterprise-level user base and may prove inaccessible or impractical for smaller level operations.

No matter which of these great corporate gifting platforms is right for you, though, you can rest assured that you will find everything that you need to create one-of-a-kind high quality branded merchandise that will truly set off your direct mailing campaign right with us.

Our easy online upload tools and intuitive placement technology ensures that your precision-printed products come out looking perfect each and every time, and we will even send you out a free sample on request to make sure you love it.

When you choose to team up our amazing selection of top-notch branded products with the best direct sending platforms, you can rest assured that you will be able to lock down a winning long-term corporate marketing strategy that truly can’t be beaten. Learn more and request a quick demo today.

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