Best Habit for Gut Health, According to Gastroenterologist

Good health has become a hot topic in recent years. Usually, any conversation about it involves probiotics.

It’s not that probiotics—or diet in general—isn’t essential for a well-functioning gut. But one gastroenterologist at Cleveland Clinic says that people need to get moving to keep things moving in their GI tract.

“Exercise improves circulation and promotes muscle strength and growth,” says dr Christine Lee, MD, a gastroenterologist at Cleveland Clinic.

dr Lee says that exercise helps to increase motility or the stretching and contracting of the muscles located within the GI tract. This movement ensures food can get absorbed through the body and flow through the digestive tract. Then, the body can eliminate what is not used efficiently, preventing discomfort like bloating.

“Exercise has the biggest impact on digestion,” says Dr. Lee.

But what kind of exercise is best for good health, and how much do you need? dr Lee breaks it down and explains why you shouldn’t ignore diet, either.

Why Should I Care About Gut Health?

First things first: Why should you care about good health, anyway? It can feel like we’re constantly being told to care about a specific organ or system—cardiovascular/heart, the brain and the list goes on. Being advised to do one more thing for one more body part may feel overwhelming. But it’s important.


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