An 81-year-old brain doctor’s 7 ‘hard rules’ for keeping your memory ‘sharp as a whip’

Like any other part of your body, your brain needs daily exercise. Neglecting your brain health can make you vulnerable to degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. As a neuroscientist, I’ve spent decades guiding patients with memory problems through brain-enhancing habits and exercises — many of which I practice, too. Here … Read more

‘Oldest dog ever,’ Bobi, dethroned Guinness World Records holder

There’s a new top dog now. Just two weeks after announcing Spike, a Chihuahua from Ohio, as the world’s “oldest dog living,” Guinness World Records discovered an older dog in Portugal that would break the record. Bobi, born May 11, 1992, is not just the oldest dog living — he’s also the oldest dog ever. … Read more

The delicate, difficult struggle to get healthy food in rural West Virginia | News

Editor’s note: This article was first printed by Mountain State Spotlight on Jan. 26. CLAY — On a recent weekday, Sarah Williams was doing what she does most Tuesday mornings: Waiting for a weekly delivery of produce, meat and dairy products for her mom-and-pop grocery store, Small Town Market. “You know it’s Tuesday, but you … Read more

This style of travel is growing more popular among the 50-plus set, and it can offer a richer, more relaxing experience

This article is reprinted by permission from Travel for most of us falls into two categories: vacations and trips. Vacations are when daily life has you stressed to the max, so you arrive at your destination to relax and do as little as possible the entire time you’re there. Trips are when you think … Read more

How to roast cabbage for meals all week long

Roasted Cabbage Bowls With Quinoa and Soft-Boiled Eggs Active time:20 min Total times:35 mins Serving:2 Active time:20 min Total times:35 mins Serving:2 Comment on this story Comment This recipe comes from the Eat Voraciously Newsletter. Sign up here to get one weeknight dinner recipe, tips for substitutions, techniques and more in your inbox Monday through … Read more