Computer-Rx Empowers Community Pharmacies with Digital Communications Solutions from Updox

OCOEE, Fla., Aug. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ – Transaction Data Systems (TDS), the leader in pharmacy management systems including Rx30 and Computer-Rx, is helping pharmacies bring their communications into the digital age with exciting new solutions including two-way patient texting, digital faxing and an integrated intake queue. Through its partnership with Updox, Computer-Rx customers have gained access to Pharmacy Connect, Updox’s collaboration platform, which includes integrated communication and patient engagement solutions that work seamlessly with their pharmacy management platform. It gives pharmacies an easy, intuitive way to engage patients, increase pharmacy revenue and connect with physicians and other members of the care team.

“We are thrilled that Computer-Rx pharmacy customers are now able to communicate digitally with patients through texting, the preferred communication method of an entire generation of patients,” said Russell Murrow, vice president of sales and marketing. “Enabling pharmacies to communicate in this hassle-free way naturally facilitates a better relationship between pharmacies and their patients and improves the level of care pharmacies are able to give those customers.”

Through Updox, pharmacies can send one-off text messages, establish campaigns such as flu shot availability and set up a patient engagement portal allowing patients to access medication records, set appointments and pharmacy messages.

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In addition to improved patient communications, the Updox integration also vastly improves the methods by which pharmacies and doctors communicate, freeing Computer-Rx customers from the hassles of paper faxing and multiple phone calls, and instead offering them a digital intake queue integrated within their pharmacy software. Customers who take advantage of this integration can access faxes directly in the pharmacy software, eliminating the need for paper, toner and a fax machine.

“Updox simplifies the business of healthcare by eliminating the need for various, time-consuming, single-point solutions. Through one easy platform, pharmacies can review incoming faxes, respond to patient messages, answer prescriber requests, promote vaccine clinics and send a text to a patient that their prescription is ready. This can all be done from one platform, almost all at the same time,” said Michael Morgan, chief executive officer, Updox. “Pharmacies are a vital part of clinical care teams. The efficiency and cost-savings that Updox offers means pharmacists can spend more time with patients and prescribers to support care coordination and maximize new revenue opportunities.”

Beth B., D.Ph., lead pharmacist and pharmacy owner in Surgoinsville, Tenn., is a TDS customer who started using Pharmacy Connect in her pharmacy at the end of 2016. “Updox offers a really easy solution to get started with and start using quickly. We’re already saving money with it and I see it as being very valuable to expanding our clinic operations,” said Bryan. “It is a great way for us to expand services and coordinate care.”

About Transaction Data Systems (TDS)For the past 38 years, TDS has been dedicated solely to the success of independent pharmacy. TDS, via its family of products including Rx30, Computer-Rx and Enhanced Medication Services, provides pharmacy systems and other innovative technology to the pharmacy industry. Its proven pharmacy management software and continually growing and evolving products and services offer pharmacies the technology and support they need to succeed. Proudly supporting the largest install base of independent pharmacies in the industry with systems in all 50 states and the Virgin Islands, TDS is the unquestioned leader in Independent Pharmacy Management Software.

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About Updox Committed to simplifying the business of healthcare, Updox is a single collaboration platform specific for out-of-hospital healthcare providers. Named for the past three consecutive years to the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing private companies, Updox is integrated with more than 100 electronic health records (EHR) and serves more than 300,000 users and 80 million patients.

Updox provides customer relationship management (CRM), patient experience and provider communication solutions that work together to connect healthcare providers, including physicians, patients, payers, pharmacies, labs, supply chain partners and other out-of-hospital partners. Through the Updox network, customers can access a full suite of applications including secure messaging, document management, patient portal, appointment scheduling and reminders, credit card payments, and health alerts, all with the goal of driving improved outcomes through more efficient communications, patient/partner engagement and better care coordination. Learn more at

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