Dave Chappelle’s zodiac sign fuels need to cancel ‘woke’ America

Comedy—an art form that at its very best pushes boundaries and helps people to open their eyes to the varying opinions that exist within our world.

When it comes to one of the most successful—and polarizing—comedians of the modern day, there are few that compare to the one-and-only Dave Chappelle. With some of the best stand-up comedy specials of the 2010s along with multiple shows on Netflix, Chappelle, 49, has been called a super genius as he provocatively makes social and political commentary that quite often ruffles the feathers of ‘woke’ Americans.

With a new show alongside fellow comedian Chris Rock, he has led a very vocal display against cancel culture, remaining defiant as he stirs the pot.

So what makes him such a fiery and intense figure? Is he out to burn systems down or does he just want to laugh his way to the bank? Join me as we dive into his stars because I’m a pop culture astrologer and I can see it all.

Dave Chappelle has a Virgo Sun.

Dave Chappelle’s birth chart shows why he’s a rebel

Dave Chappelle was born on August 24, 1973. This makes him a meticulous Virgo Sun with a moody Cancer Moon. When it comes to elemental energy that composes his birth chart, he is heavily composed of Earth and Air. This means that he’s a doer—he will stubbornly put his energy into his ideas and goals. The intellectual and calculating side of him also gives him the focus that when he sets his mind on something, he’s in it to win it. One thing I also want to point out before further diving into his birth chart is that his Mercury, ruling his communication, is in fiery Leo. He’s bold, dramatic and thrives on his theatricality. Oh, and Virgo energy is one of the most perceptive—and critical—zodiac signs of all, always taking a microscope to the people and world around them.

Dave Chapelle zodiac sign
Dave Chappelle has a Cancer Moon.

As I peer into his birth chart, there are some fascinating things that pop up. First, his Pluto, which is the planet of intensity and domination, is united with his Ascendant. This means that right away, people see him as a shocking and powerful individual, often for the sake of pushing boundaries. This is one of the things that make him so polarizing—people love and bow to him or else they fear him and wish to tear him down.

Saturn, the planet of permanence, is also united with his Midheaven—or point of fame and professional success. This means he was meant to be seen as an authority figure, but it can also mean it’s taken him time to scale those heights. He is certainly building a legacy, but some people will always find him cold, critical, cruel and mean. I guess it’s just a part of the way the cosmos wanted to build him!

When it comes to astrological aspects that compose his birth chart, we can see several themes arise. The first shouldn’t be surprising whatsoever: Chappelle was built to be a rebel. In fact, this is written repeatedly all over his chart. His Mars, the planet of drive, clashes with Jupiter, the planet of expansion. This makes him a risk-taker who is restless, independent and impulsive—rash to the point of never thinking twice.

Dave Chapelle zodiac sign
Dave Chapelle’s birth chart reveals why he is so wildly successful.

He also has a vast ego because of this, almost to the point that he does not think he can be wrong once he sets his mind upon something. His Jupiter and Saturn also link to Pluto, which further amplifies his dominant nature. He thrives on transformation and has immense ambition and drive. He was meant to be a leader, but sometimes can be inclined toward overcompensation for the sake of power and authority. This doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy by any means, but he is someone who will not back down from a fight and in fact will stand up even stronger when others try to bring him down.

His Sun, ruling his life force, also dances with Mars, too, further enhancing his confidence and outgoing nature, with a penetrating mind and an outspoken temperament. Last to note around this theme is that he has his Mercury spinning with Uranus, the planet of revolution and rebellion, which further enhances his visionary mind and his ability to think outside of the box. He can comprehend complex subjects quickly, think freely and break away from convention.

He also has incredible flashes of insight that happen regularly, which further opens his perspective of what life is about and how he can stir the point. Last, to further empower his ambition and strength, his Sun smiles upon Saturn, too. This shows that he has the focus and concentration to build a lifetime of achievements because he’s unafraid of putting in the work and fighting his way to get them.

Dave Chapelle astrology
New heights await Dave Chappelle.

What are predictions for Dave Chappelle?

So what lies ahead for Mr Chappelle? Let’s stake a peek. First, he is going through eclipses in 2022 and 2023 around milestone communications-related and media-related projects. More specials, more shows, and more stirring the pot. Yes, there will be controversy, but he’s doing it consciously. Then, to his happiness and potential dismay, he’s going to be seeing during this same time highs and lows around his income and assets. There will be some big wins but he will definitely be making shifts around these areas, too.

In 2022, he’s also seeing big opportunities around partnerships—both personally and professionally—and this will continue throughout 2023. However, he is nearing a Saturn opposition toward the end of 2022 and in 2023—which will test his strength, bring challenges out for him to face and karmically force him to stand up even more than before. These aren’t here to hurt him, but to teach him about living in pure alignment with his destiny as he hopefully uses his gifts to build a better world. You heard it here first.

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