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Design virtuoso Basic Apple Guy launched incredibly detailed, layered iPhone 14 schematic wallpapers in a variety of colors yesterday. Today, he has followed up by releasing his beautiful iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max wallpapers. Read on to download the new wallpapers for your iPhone plus insights on his creative process, tips for designers and artists, and more in a short interview with us.

Basic Apple Guy shared the new wallpapers for free on his blog (support him with a tip here) and detailed the incredibly precise, months’ worth of work that went into them.

“The pièce de résistance of these schematics is a component that I haven’t shown off until today, the A16 chip. Borrowing everything I learned while creating the M2 MacBook Air schematic, I designed the Pro schematics with an exposed logic board. Now, normally this component is covered when it’s inside the phone to protect the electronics, but once I saw the teardown, I couldn’t help myself trying to recreate it for the wallpaper. I figured it would maybe add a few hours of work and a few hundred extra pieces to the design. I undershot. At 2,367 pieces, the logic board on the iPhone 14 Pro schematics is one of my most complex pieces to date, and I added a ton of extra hours to complete this project. But it was totally worth it, becoming the beautiful signature piece of this project.

Another part of this schematic I’m very proud of is a few pieces you’ll rarely see – the TrueDepth camera, Infrared Camera, & Dot Projector tucked behind the Dynamic Island. Although you often won’t see these pieces, they drop and hide behind the Dynamic Island anytime you unlock your iPhone or minimize an app. I wanted to ensure no detail was overlooked; even for pieces you won’t see 99% of the time.”

How to download the iPhone 14 Pro schematic wallpapers

Basic Apple Guy’s creative process

I got the chance to ask Basic Apple Guy a few questions to understand his creative process, how he works through challenges, and hear his tips for designers and artists 😁:

What do you find most exciting or interesting about doing such detailed work?

This penchant for exploring and understanding intricate things has always captivated me. As a kid, I’d spend hours looking at cross-section books of boats and planes. I loved getting lost in the countless minute details of something; perhaps these wallpapers are a natural extension of that. These wallpapers also help me appreciate the iPhone so much more. From the outside, the iPhone is just a slab of metal and glass (an extraordinary slab, mind you). When I build these and notice the thousands of interconnections and layers between all the components, it makes the device feel so much more special.

What’s most challenging for you on projects like this? Any tips for how you move through them? Any particular systems in place?

These wallpapers become very, very monotonous. I can spend several hours and only a few pixels of work to show. For that reason, persistence can become challenging, and there’s a mixture of needing to schedule time and needing the grit to move through some of the more repetitive pieces. Unfortunately, I can’t concentrate if I’m listening to spoken audio (sorry 9to5Mac Happy Hour) and instead lean on ambient playlists to help keep me focused and in a flow state. I also like to book time for these after I accomplish other tasks and errands to ensure I can devote long, undivided stretches to work on them.

Any words of wisdom for beginning creators/designers/artists who are inspired by your work?

I always fall into the trap of seeing great designs and being discouraged that what I create doesn’t look as good. But I forget at that moment the hundreds to thousands of hours someone toils in private to get their work to that place. When you look at my iPhone 13 schematics compared to the iPhone 14 ones, I hope they show an elevation in technique, but that wasn’t due to chance or accident; it was the result of hundreds of hours of practice. Never overlook the grind & process that gets someone to where you want to be. To quote Futurama, “When you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all.”

Learn more about what went into this amazing project and see more of Basic Apple Guy’s work on his website.

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