Duggar fans ‘cringe’ as Michelle shaves son Josh’s neck & calls it a ‘special moment’ in resurfaced clip

MICHELLE Duggar has been criticized for her parenting style after a clip resurfaced of the matriarch shaving her eldest son, Josh’s neck.

Duggar fans couldn’t get over the “weird” encounter between the mother and son.


Fans thought Michelle Duggar shaving her son Josh’s neck was ‘weird’ after a throwback clip resurfacedCredit: TLC
Michelle called the act a 'special moment' between her and her eldest child


Michelle called the act a ‘special moment’ between her and her eldest childCredit: TLC

The clip in question is from the family’s former reality series, 19 Kids and Counting.

Michelle gushed over her firstborn child, explaining how important it was to her to share the moment with him.

In the scene, Josh sat on a stool in the bathroom while his mother shaved the back of his neck with an electric razor.

“This will probably be the last time you [will] need me to do this,” Michelle told her son.

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The mother-of-19 then detailed her feelings in a confessional interview about Josh no longer needing his mother to help him with his hairstyle.

“Realizing that that was the last time I’d be helping Josh shave the back of his neck, it was just kind of a special moment. I love you, Josh.” Michelle said.

The video surfaced on an online thread where critics gave their take on the encounter.

The original poster wrote: “Why does she have to be so weird about everything?”

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Others agreed as another commented: “This gives me the creeps. Just way, way too overbearing and creepy.”

A third chimed in with the same thought: “It was just extreme cringe.”

A fourth person added: “Such an awkward scene. They didn’t seem to know what to say to each other.”


Fans questioned family patriarch Jim Bob’s parenting in another resurfaced clip from their spin-off series, Counting On.

In the clip from the series’ tenth season, Josh and his wife Anna’s daughter, Meredith, along with Ben and Jessa Seewald’s son, Spurgeon, were outside playing when suddenly the two started arguing over a flag.

Caught on camera, the two young children began to bite each other.

When Jim Bob stepped in to find out what happened between his grandchildren, he ended up passing the buck.

“We don’t ever go and bite somebody,” he told the kids. “Do you like when people bite you, Spurgeon? No.”

Jim Bob then turned his attention to the young girl.

“Meredith, do you want people biting you? Then don’t ever go and bite someone else. Do you understand?”

He then decided to let the kids’ parents handle things from there.

“You know what, we’ll probably let your parents deal…we’ll tell them about it when they get back,” Jim Bob, now 57, concluded.


Online, fans slammed the grandpa’s lack of discipline.

“… Jim Bob acting like this is the first time he’s ever had to handle an upset child, and he’s already thinking of calling Jana [Duggar],” one fan commented.

Another tagged on: “Dude has 19 kids and is just dumbfounded as how to handle just two kids.”

And one person noted: “He looks completely clueless. He looks like he’s about to take a bite out of one of them and say’ “How do YOU ‚Äč‚Äčlike it?!’

That’s what I imagine to be his level of skill in navigating child conflict.”


The Duggar family’s close bond has been unraveling in recent months after Josh, 34, was sentenced to prison for child pornography charges.

Josh was sentenced to 12 years in prison after being found guilty and has to pay $50,000 in fines.

After the ex-reality star is released, he will serve 20 more years of probation and be forbidden from unsupervised visits with children.

This includes the seven children he shares with his wife, Anna.

While Jim Bob and Michelle have stuck by their son throughout his wrongdoings, their other children appear to be distancing themselves from their parents.

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Earlier this month, Jim Bob celebrated his 57th birthday, though it seemed to be a lonely celebration.

All his children, except Jessa, did not post a tribute to their father on his special day.

Michelle and her husband Jim Bob's parenting have been questioned before


Michelle and her husband Jim Bob’s parenting have been questioned beforeCredit: NBC Newswire/NBCUniversal via Ge
Jim Bob was recently slammed for the way he disciplined his grandchildren in another old clip


Jim Bob was recently slammed for the way he disciplined his grandchildren in another old clipCredit: Instagram
The Duggar family's bond has unraveled since Josh was sentenced to prison for child pornography charges


The Duggar family’s bond has unraveled since Josh was sentenced to prison for child pornography chargesCredit: The Mega Agency

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