General Hospital Recap: Elizabeth Tell’s Finn She Was Never Pregnant

Cody, Sam and Dante meet up with Sasha and Maxie at Kelly’s. Sam asks Maxie how she’s holding up. Maxie could use some good news, so Sam tells her that Willow had her baby.

At the hospital, Nina and Sonny look in on the baby in the nursery.

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TJ, Austin and Terry discuss Willow hemorrhaging in the OR, but pulling through. Terry says the samples from the baby’s cord and placenta are still being examined in the lab, and they should know how many stem cells they were able to harvest soon.

Doctors discussing Willow GH

Obrecht and Scott go into Britt’s office, which has been emptied out. Brad shows up with a paper bag, and Obrecht asks what he’s doing here. He wanted to leave something in memory of all the time he and Britt spent here talking about their problems.

Obrecht and Scott surprised GH

Brad laments that Britt was the only person he could be honest with, and just wishes she could have told him that she was dying. Obrecht explains if Britt told him that then his attitude towards her would have changed, and she didn’t want that. She wanted her friend, not a caretaker. Scott suggests they get going as the memorial is about to start.

Brad is sad GH

Scott and Obrecht head out, and Brad pulls out a pint of ice cream and two spoons from the bag. He toasts the spoons together and digs into the ice cream. He promises to never eat ice cream, or ogle an unavailable man, without thinking of her. He packs up the ice cream to go but leaves one spoon behind on the desk.

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Laura stops by to see Finn to invite Violet to join her and Kevin, who are taking Liz’s kids skating. Finn thinks she’d love that, and thanks her for thinking of Violet. Laura admits it was Liz’s idea. Laura is sorry things didn’t work out with him and Liz, as Liz could use someone, especially now.

Laura and Finn talk GH

Finn asks if it’s Jeff, but she says it’s not. He immediately asks what has Nikolas done now. He quickly apologizes, but she understands. She says bonds like the one Liz and Nikolas have are hard to break.

Finn wonders what's wrong GH

In the hallway, Liz lashes out at Nikolas about running into her mother. Nikolas acts shocked she is in town, but she tells him she knows he brought her here and why.

Liz drags Nikolas into a room, where he swears he never told Carolyn any of their secrets. He says Esme never remembering is for the best. Liz says she’d never want anyone to go through what her parents did to her. She accuses him of knowing hiding this from her because he she wouldn’t go along with this, and thank God her mother refused him.

Liz and Nikolas argue GH

Nicolas exclaims what’s done is done, and they are in this together. Liz vents, “Not anymore.” She says she’s covered for his lies repeatedly, and her mother has turned out to be more trustworthy than him. She tells him the only thing she needs protecting from is him!

Elizabeth's done with Nikolas GH

Liz rushes out of the room and into the hall. Nikolas follows and grabs her by the arm. Laura and Finn step off the elevator as Liz shouts at Nikolas, “Let go of me!” Finn quickly orders Nikolas to let her go, while Laura is stunned by her son’s behavior. Liz asks to speak to Finn alone, so they go to his office. Laura tells her son they need to talk too, as she is scared to death that she can’t get through to him.

Nikolas manhandles Liz GH

Laura tells Nikolas she knows Victor has something over him, and she’s afraid he’s becoming a man skating from one bad decision to the next. She knows the son she is proud of is still in him, a man who wouldn’t give up on his son, the man who defied Helena. Nikolas cries he doesn’t know where that man went. She tells him to dig deep to find him because she needs to know it’s not too late. Nikolas thinks she may be right. He swears he’s done with Uncle Victor, and he’ll focus on being a good father to Esme’s baby, and to Spencer. He realizes Britt’s memorial was today, so she and Nikolas rush to try and be there for Spencer.

Laura fears for her son GH

In Finn’s office, Liz tells Finn that she feels like she lost her best friend. She thinks she shouldn’t be talking to him about this. Finn notes they’ve always been there for one another, and he still cares about her. She tells him that he’s a good person and deserves the truth. She admits she lied to him and was never pregnant with Nikolas’ baby.

Liz comes clean with Finn GH

Trina runs into Nina and Sonny in the halls, and she explains she’s come to support Spencer at the memorial. She relays a message from Curtis, who had an emergency at The Savoy and sends his regrets. Sonny heads to the chapel to see Spencer, and Nina waits around for her aunt to show up.

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In the chapel, Spencer asks Jordan what will happen if Esme gives birth in prison. She explains social service would place the baby with the father or another couple. Spencer asks, “What if the father was also in prison?” Jordan wonders why Nikolas would be in prison. He says he was just thinking about all the possibilities. They are interrupted when Jordan gets a call and excuses herself.

Jordan asks Spencer what is going on GH

Spencer sits alone and watches Nikolas’ confession on his phone when Sonny arrives. Spencer appreciates him coming and supporting him. Sonny asks if his father will be here. Spencer doubts it. Sonny asks if he’s still planning to go for custody of his sibling. Spencer reveals he’s more convinced than ever that his father shouldn’t have this child.

Spencer feels he's right GH

Sam, Dante, Sasha, Maxie and Cody arrive at the hospital. Dante and Sam quickly speak to Jordan. They inform her they are headed to England tomorrow to look for Esme’s old nanny. Jordan believes more than ever these attacks are about punishing Esme’s enemies.

Dante and Sam news GH

Trina and the others arrive at the chapel, and she asks Spencer if anything happened with Jordan. He says he’s keeping his father’s confession a family matter for the time being.

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As everyone arrives and takes their seats, Nina gets up to speak because her aunt asked her to. Nina explains she didn’t know Britt for long, not nearly long enough, but she was proud to have her as part of her family. She says Britt will never be forgotten.

Nina won't forget Britt GH

Brad speaks next and talks about their history, including how Britt was selfish and mean back in the day, even setting a little girl’s doll on fire. However, after she served her time she was determined to prove she had changed. He thinks given they are all here for her, maybe she did, but to him, Britt always was and will always be his best friend.

Britt's memorial is held by GH

Scott and Terry also speak about Britt, and Terry eventually asks everyone to follow her. They go to the memorial wall, where Britt’s photo is added to the wall of doctors who have served General Hospital well.

Memory Wall GH

Spencer remains behind in the chapel and tells Trina that his father couldn’t even bother to show up. Trina says this day isn’t about his father, or him, it’s about Britt. He speaks of his past with Britt, and worries he’ll never meet someone who connects and understands him as she did.

Trina advises Spencer GH

Obrecht spends a moment alone with Britt’s photo at the memory wall, while Maxie, Sasha, Nina and Sonny go to see the baby.

Visiting the new baby GH

Laura and Nikolas arrive at the chapel too late for the memorial. Laura tells her grandson she’s sorry, and Spencer assumes her lateness is his father’s fault. He asks Trina to give them a moment. Once she leaves, Spencer tells his father he’s hurt him once again, and after all that he’s done, he will make sure he can’t hurt his brother or sister.

In Spring Ridge, Heather grabs the papers Esme is looking over and reads them. She is stunned they are custody papers and asks where she got them. Esme explains from Nikolas Cassadine, the baby’s father. Heather is aghast and warns that the Cassadines are ruthless, and she must think carefully about signing her rights away. Esme believes Nikolas when he said this is only temporary until she gets out. Ryan is wheeled in as Heather warns Esme that men lie, all the time.

Heather advises Esme GH

Esme notices Ryan and thinks he is Kevin and gasps, “What happened to Dr. Collin?” Heather explains it’s Kevin’s dangerous twin Ryan, and that he’s locked in. Heather asks Esme again about the baby and why she’s so eager to give it up. Esme admits she isn’t, and this baby is the only thing she has. She also knows with this child, she’s not alone. Heather tells her that’s why she can’t give up this baby. Esme promises not to make any decisions until tomorrow.

Esme listens to heather GH

Heather excuses herself to speak to Ryan and is furious with him as she assumes he knew about Nikolas and didn’t tell her. She says Nikolas is after their grandchild, and the cops are onto him. She explains Dante and Sam were here and are looking for Esme’s nanny. She assumes this nanny knows of Ryan by the look in his eyes, so it’s time they bust out and take Esme with them.

Heather warns Ryan GH

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