HackerEarth Is Named a Finalist in the 2022 SaaS Awards

International Software Awards Program Announcements Finalists

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug 23, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — HackerEarth has been declared a finalist of the Best SaaS Product for Recruitment this week in the international business software program, The SaaS Awards.

In its seventh edition, SaaS Awards categories include “Best SaaS for Productivity,” “Highest Customer Satisfaction in a SaaS Product,” and “Best Product for Financial Services.”

Sachin Gupta said, “Being a finalist in a highly competitive year for the SaaS Awards is a special honor. HackerEarth built its platform based on an industry need for recruiters and hiring managers to more efficiently and objectively assess and hire global developer talent. Last year alone, HackerEarth’s assessments and hackathons were used by over 1,700 companies, and our team is proud that it has helped cut hiring time in half for employers during a period when they were still struggling with pandemic-induced recruiting problems.”

Head of Operations for the SaaS Awards, James Williamssaid, “This year the SaaS Awards received a very strong shortlist. All chosen finalists demonstrated a remarkable commitment to innovation.

“HackerEarth is a worthy finalist of the SaaS Awards as its SaaS solution takes the industry a step forward. It was a pleasant surprise to see so many innovative solutions in the shortlist, but HackerEarth proved to the judging panel it was a clear choice to make it to the next stage, with every possibility of being selected as the ultimate category winner.

“For organizations any wishing to take part in next year’s awards, the SaaS Awards will return in 2023. Our separate cloud computing program, The Cloud Awards, is now accepting entries with an October 21, 2022 deadline.”

Hundreds of organizations entered, with entries coming from across the globe, covering the Americas, Australia, Europe and the Middle East. You can view the full shortlist and all finalists here: https://www.cloud-awards.com/2022-saas-awards-finalists/.

The SaaS Awards will return with a new software awards program in spring 2023 to continue its recognition of excellence in the SaaS industry.

The Cloud Awards, a sister recognition platform to the SaaS Awards, is also now open for early 2022-2023 entries. This cloud computing awards program finds and promotes the best cloud solutions across a wide range of industries, with an October 21 deadline: https://www.cloud-awards.com/cloud-computing-awards/

Notes for editors
About the SaaS Awards
The SaaS Awards is a sister program to the Cloud Awards, which was founded in 2011. The SaaS Awards focuses on recognizing excellence and innovation in software solutions. Categories range from Best Enterprise-Level SaaS to Best UX or UI Design in a SaaS Product.

Finalists were selected by a judging panel of international industry experts. For more information about the SaaS Awards, please visit https://www.cloud-awards.com/software-as-a-service-awards/.

About the Cloud Awards
The Cloud Awards is an international program which recognizes and honors industry leaders, innovators and organizational transformation in cloud computing. The awards are open to large, small, established and start-up organizations from across the entire globe, with an aim to find and celebrate the pioneers who will shape the future of the cloud as we move into 2023 and beyond.

The Cloud Awards currently offers two awards programs, the Cloud Computing Awards and the Software-as-a-Service Awards.

Categories for the Cloud Computing Awards include Most Promising Start-Up, Best SaaS, and “Best in Mobile” Cloud Solution.

About HackerEarth
HackerEarth is a global company that helps large enterprises recruit, evaluate, and upskill developers based on specific skills. The company’s platform enables recruiters to make the most accurate and informed decisions about candidates, improve hiring efficiencies, facilitate continuous learning and development, and ensure the right developers are matched with the right positions. HackerEarth is also a leading facilitator of online hackathons and coding challenges, where its community of over 7 million developers can upskill and practice for employment interviews. The company was founded in 2012 with offices in san francisco other India. For more information, visit http://www.hackerearth.com.

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