Top Open Source Help Desk Software Compared

Query and support management help resolve customer issues related to products and services. They are essential components of running any business. This turned out to be more complicated as customers resorted to social media or the internet as a source to convey their issues and queries.

But in present days, businesses have an efficient and convenient tool termed as Open Source Help Desk Software tools to eradicate all the clutter and complications and make customer support and query management extremely simple. In this blog, let’s have a look at the top open-source help desk software that makes your customer service operations efficient.

Top 12 Open Source Help Desk Software Compared

A Help Desk Software tool is essential for an enterprise or a business and must be one of the first factors they should consider. All the intricate procedures become easier and it saves much resources and time, making the enterprise completely efficient.

Supervisors and agents have massive support and relief with a helpdesk software tool in place. Moreover, help desk software is one of the prime things you must invest in and download. The table below depicts top open source help desk software compared:

12 Best Open Source Help Desk Software

Let’s understand in depth the features, advantages, and disadvantages of these 11 best open source help desk software.

  1. CloudTutorial

    An eminent knowledge base, CloudTutorial, aids you to deliver remarkable customer support and permits your clients to search for answers quickly. You can make a user-friendly FAQ site and customize your help center effectively.

    You can enhance the agility of your app by amending the FAQs with just a few clicks. You can administer your complete user experience, add videos, images, text, and graphics to give reasonable answers. This platform is scalable to work with a large number of support team members.


    Top Features:

    • Data-driven business resolutions
    • Expend less time replying to questions
    • High-end functionalities for customer support team
    • Advanced automation
    • Deliver matchless customer support
  2. Spiceworks

    SpiceWorks, a help desk software tool, is one of the most simplistic and basic tools available. But being elementary does not state that it does not have progressive features. SpiceWorks brings an exceptional ticket management system that is responsive and fast. It has multi-platform and multi-site support which is very appropriate.

    The notification and reporting system is automatic and can be modified as per the needs. SpiceWorks supplies an enormous knowledge base that aids in repeated query management and FAQ integration. The function named ‘Exchange Integration’ helps administer all the functions and points of action at the same time. This tool is appropriate for a new business owing to its simplistic scheme but innovative features.

    Spiceworks Screen

    Top Features:

    • Tailor-made dashboard
    • Active directory incorporation
    • Multiple site support
    • Instant mail and mobile integration
    • Efficient knowledge base
    • Exchange integration
    • Automated and custom reporting
  3. osTicket

    osTicket is an open-source help desk that is widely utilized. It impeccably integrates queries made via phone, web-based, and email addresses into an easy-to-use and simple multiple-user web-based interface.

    This open source ticketing system has an effective SLA management scheme along with Agent Collision Avoidance characteristic which is extremely time-saving. Its Dashboard is much simpler and has real-time reporting and notification functions. It has a powerful ticket filtering system.

    osTicket screen

    Top Features:

    • SLA administration
    • Customer support portal and custom forms
    • Configurable automated reply scheme
    • Dashboard monitoring and reporting
    • Internal comments on tickets
    • Help center
    • Transfer, filtering, and ticket assignment
  4. HelpDeskZ

    HelpDeskZ is an open-source, PHP-based, and free help desk ticketing software tool that provides an array of characteristics. Its dashboard is very streamlined and it loads various processes and functions on a unique screen. The mail and messaging functions are very expedient as well due to mechanized pipelining. Its multilingual proficiency is very useful.

    The personalization trait is extremely useful for supervisors and agents which permits them to customize their dashboards and they can also modify message templates and dashboard fields. HelpDeskZ is one of the most simplistic and convenient open source help desk software tools.

    HelpdeskZ Screen

    Top Features:

    • Query management and bulk actions
    • Personalization
    • Multi-lingual
    • Custom templates and fields
    • Well-organized knowledge database
    • Grouping function
    • Canned replies
    • Mail and message piping
  5. Zoho Desk

    Zoho Desk is a cloud-based customer service solution and a help desk software. It has a free version that offers ticket and agent tracking, an email ticketing system, SLA administration, knowledge base management functionalities, and a community forum for around three agents.

    The USP of its free version is the reporting methodology. It provides an agent dashboard, manager dashboard, and ticketing system that offer the managers a comprehensive view of customer support processes.

    The users can upgrade to paid plans – Standard level, Professional level, and Enterprise level plan. These plans deliver advanced traits, such as custom ticket templates, advanced reports, and social media ticketing.

    Zoho Desk

    Top Features:

    • Email ticketing
    • Help center
    • Pre-defined SLAs
    • Customer management
    • Multiple language helpdesk
    • Macros
    • 24*5 e-mail support system
    • Mobile apps
  6. Hesk

    Hesk is a help desk system that is secure, user-friendly, and fast. It is utilized to receive, organize, resolve, and track issues registered by customers. It supports the formation of a knowledge base to diminish the quantity of customer support requests by issuing access to the end-users. It also supports a distinctive location to manage all ITSM resolutions for IT support.

    Hesk allows every IT task to be administered from a single point of access with robust automation and ticket management tool options. Tickets can be organized and prioritized into categories.

    Hesk Screen

    Top Features:

    • Ticket categorization and prioritization
    • Canned responses
    • Efficient knowledgebase
    • Ticket templates
    • Staff accounts and their restrictions
  7. ProProfs Help Desk

    ProProfs Help Desk is a customer service tool that aids support teams to resolve and track customer requests and queries. Rapid ticket resolution is the prime reason why any company requires to utilize help desk software. It also assists companies to provide superior customer support.

    This cloud-based software permits supervisors to monitor customer issues, queries, bugs, and issues. No tickets are left unattended, unresolved, or missed. The agents resolve queries aptly; sending consumers responses timely.

    Top Features:

    • Shared inbox
    • The issue tracking can be conducted in one place
    • Ticket prioritization
    • Rule-based automated messages and canned responses
  8. HelpSpot

    HelpSpot, being a ticket management scheme, provides every essential trait without unwanted things that you do not require. It is certainly possible for consumers to generate tickets through a user portal or to get tickets produced through emails. It is also possible to have a sidebar on a website and have several options programmed hassle-free powerful APIs.

    It sanctions common ticket management traits like detection of multiple agents functioning on the same ticket, creating custom views, and executing controls with permission.

    Helpspot Screen

    Top Features:

    • Workflows with triggers and rules
    • Serve up to three agents
    • It provides unlimited tickets
    • Has the capacity to attend unlimited customers
    • Effortless reporting
  9. Zammad

    Zammad is an open-source, web-based helpdesk support system. It provides a multitude of characteristics for managing consumer communication. Its user interface is attractive and modern. It has been reformed from scratch and can be utilized by any user without prior training easily.

    The interface is applied as a web-based app with JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS, which states that the app works in the browser – the data is exchanged over the network. In version 3.0, Zammad was extended by a knowledge database.

    Zammad Screen

    Top Features:

    • Has flexible text modules
    • Supports auto-save
    • Instantly reports deviations to the objects
    • It is auditable
    • Supports setting client solution time limit or individual escalation
    • Supports several security mechanisms like two-factor-authentication and device-logging
    • Permits for the formation of distinct overviews
    • Provides support to external authentication via Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn
    • Delivers a customer interface to track the current editing at any given time
  10. Jira Service Desk

    Jira Service Desk aids the teams in incident management, service requests, changes, asset management, and problems with a configurable workflow. It permits support teams to customize the manner they manage all procedures in a fluid workflow.

    Moreover, there are many incorporations with third-party software solutions. The free version of Jira provides 3 agents with an infinite customer limit, making it a great plan for small support teams and solo agents.

    Jira screen

    Top Features:

    • SLA management
    • Queues
    • Analytics and reporting
    • Automation
    • Multi-project and global automation
    • Multiple language support
    • 2 GB file storage
    • Apps and integrations
  11. UVdesk

    UVdesk, a modern help desk software tool, makes a business running unconditionally clutter-free. Its unified social media integration and multi-channel support is a boost over other types of help desk software solutions. Mail and task management is very convenient and easy to use.

    Top Features:

    • Responsive designs
    • Priority and SLA administration
    • Multi-lingual
    • Inbuilt knowledgebase
    • Ticket merging and ticket rating
    • Agent collision evasion
    • Canned responses and custom forms
  12. Freshdesk

    Freshdesk is a multichannel and cloud-based help desk solution for enterprises of all sizes. The free version contains social media ticketing for Twitter and Facebook, email ticketing, reporting, and knowledge base management.

    The USP of Freshdesk’s free version, known as Sprout, is the support for infinite agents. This plan provides ticket trend reporting, which permits agents to track the status of their closed and open tickets timely.

    Top Features:

    • Agent collision detection
    • Team inbox
    • Ticket field suggester
    • SLA management
    • Canned responses
    • Custom ticket status
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Open Source Helpdesk Vs Free Help Desk Software

An open-source ticketing system or an open-source help desk is easily accessible for anybody to inspect, download, and enhance. While a free help desk helps in managing the life cycle of service requests or incidents raised by the end-users.

With CloudTutorial, you can get assistance in administering the timeliness and quality of services provided to the users. It allows every user to solve common problems and lessens the workload of desk technicians.

Our verdict:A free help desk software is better than an open-source one in terms of inbuilt automation and functionalities. It is more advanced, budget-friendly, and safer.

It permits the managers to be more influential, customers to be more powerful, and agents to be more efficient. It is completely user-friendly and easily customizable.


Help desk software tools are sure to render efficiency and thereby, profitability to the businesses. The consumers also find numerous points of contact with the usage of help desk software tools which allows them to interact with businesses with their desired form of medium.

Now, it’s time to make your enterprise systematic and efficient with these top open source help desk software. Contact CloudTutorial to build an advanced online help center that your customers love to use!

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