Starkey Hearing Aids Review 2023: Our Experts Tested Advanced Features

Starkey hearing aids cost between $2,365-$5,945 per pair, depending on your hearing care provider, the model, and the technology level. Genesis AI and Evolv AI hearing aids offer solutions for one-sided hearing loss, which costs $1,950 for the specific technology, plus the cost of a single hearing aid on the opposite ear.

How to pay for Starkey hearing aids

Starkey hearing aids are by prescription only, so you must purchase them from a licensed hearing care professional. Payment options vary by provider; ask about accepted forms of payment before you book your appointment.

You could consider purchasing your prescription hearing aids through discount networks like Yes Hearing, which offers hearing aids for up to 40% less than the retail price. You can purchase through this network by booking a free virtual consultation with a local Yes Hearing licensed professional, who will guide you through the process.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage varies between plans and states. If you have private insurance, call your insurance provider or ask your hearing clinic to verify your benefits.

Medicare usually doesn’t cover hearing aids, but it varies. Original Medicare (Part A) does not typically approve hearing aid coverage, but Medicare Plan B may cover an initial examination if deemed medically necessary by your doctor. Medicare Advantage (Part C) is most likely to cover a portion of hearing aid costs when medically necessary, but not all plans offer this benefit. Similar to private insurance, hearing aid coverage depends on the specific plan and your location, so make sure you verify your benefits with your insurer.

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Medicaid beneficiaries may have coverage depending on the state. The Hearing Loss Association of America lists each state’s Medicaid laws on hearing aid coverage, but call your local Medicaid office to verify your benefits.

And if you’re a veteran, you may be eligible for coverage through the Veterans Affairs (VA) health care system. Contact your local VA medical center to check your eligibility.


If you’re purchasing through an audiology clinic, ask about financing options to reduce the upfront cost. Each clinic may offer different terms, so ask about payment plans and how to apply.

Discount networks may list financing options online. Yes Hearing offers financing services through three partners (Affirm, CareCredit, and Allegro Credit), with term lengths ranging between three and 48 months. Note your term lengths and interest rates depend on your approval, but you can prequalify to determine eligibility before the purchase process.

Flexible savings accounts (FSA) and health savings accounts (HSA)

Some employers offer an option to contribute to an FSA or HSA. When you contribute to either type of account, you allot part of your pre-tax income for out-of-pocket medical expenses. An HSA will gather interest and roll over into the next year, but an FSA will not.

You can use funds in either account to pay for hearing aids if necessary. If you’ve enrolled in an FSA or HSA, you should have a debit card for the account you can use at checkout for eligible expenses. Check with your retailer on whether it accepts payment from either account.

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