Kardashian fans FLOORED after Kris Jenner shows off real skin including wrinkles & age spots in most unedited video yet

KARDASHIAN fans were blown away by Kris Jenner after she revealed her real skin including wrinkles in the most unedited video yet.

Kim posted a video of her mom showing off her skincare routine using her SKKN products and fans were floored.


Kris Jenner shocked fans by filming herself removing all makeup and baring her natural skin in an entirely unedited videoCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian
Kris was promoting her daughter Kim's SKKN skincare line


Kris was promoting her daughter Kim’s SKKN skincare lineCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

Kris, 66, took fans through her skincare routine in a new completely unedited video.

She took off her makeup with a cleanser, exfoliated and more on her facial skin revealing all of her authentic redness, age spots, wrinkles and more.

Kris praised her daughter’s beauty products as she bared all of her natural skin folds and texture for the close-up cameras on her face, neck and hands.

Fans were shocked to see Kris’ bare skin so up close, but many were also supportive.

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One wrote in the comments of Kim’s video: “So beautiful, even without makeup!”

Another dissed: “She looks 90.”

A third said: “Aging like a fine wine.”


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Last week, Kim also bared it all in another ad for her skincare line.

The 41-year-old shocked fans while showing off her real facial skin in an Instagram video.

The star talked to her fans through her exfoliation process using her $600 nine-product skincare line.

Although sharp-eyed fans spotted a detail along Kim’s jawline, causing them to wonder if the star has had a recent facelift.

Fans zoomed into an apparent wrinkle, fold or scar located between her jaw and her ear.

One fan analyzed the star’s face and wrote: “I wasn’t sure at first if this was just her skin folding while she’s moving her hands around, but I went to see the actual video and the fold is there even when she’s not pushing her hands in that direction.”

The same fan concluded: “So… yeah. It’s a facelift scar.”

A second wondered: “I guess I didn’t know how facelifts work because I’m super surprised that they just leave the fold there instead of removing the extra skin. Looks so unnatural and would make you look older, I would think.”

Yet a third claimed: “That’s exactly what it is. I went to visit someone yesterday who has had a lift and this is what it looks like.”

A fourth speculated around the timeline of her most recent procedure.

The fan posted: “I feel vindicated because I’ve been saying for months on here that she definitely had one between the end of KUWTK and the start of The Kardashians.

“That was no ‘mere’ canthoplasty or fillers!”

A fifth fan slammed: “I think she looks so much worse with it. She didn’t really need it.”


As for Kris, the momager has been keeping up a natural look on and off the streets.

Earlier this month, she was spotted out in Paris showing off her real skin in the unedited pics, bravely showing off her natural lines and wrinkles.

The Kardashians star gave off grandma vibes, as she wore a colorful, checkered long-sleeve blouse, black suit pants and comfy sneakers.

In May, she showed up naturally at another famous fashion event – the Met Gala.

In photos from the Gala red carpet, Kris looked like she pushed aside any makeup, giving fans a look at her real skin texture without any editing or filters.

Fans online lauded the grandmother’s open appearance.


A month earlier, Kris showed off her natural skin texture during a session with a Beverly Hills dermatologist.

She looked fresh-faced as she showed off her glowing complexion and had her hair pulled back from my face.

The reality star shared a photo of herself getting a laser treatment, captioning it: “The laser before the laser.

“Thank you @simonourianmd1 for always taking such great care!”

In another, she showed off her rejuvenated complexion, writing: “Results! All done!”


All this comes after the Hulu star was accused of heavily editing her photos in an effort to blur her actual skin tone.

Fans were buzzing after a red carpet photo of Kris was posted on Reddit alongside a pic of her getting glammed with products from her daughters Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s makeup line.

The thread, titled Before Kendall and Kylie Cosmetics and After, was full of fans ripping Kris for her egregious photoshop use and more.

“Wow the contrast between the first photo (where she looks good!) and the Barbra Walters Vaseline on the lens x 100,000 filter in the IG posts,” one wrote at the time.

Weeks later Kris was called out again after a photo of her looking “40 years younger” next to Kim was shared on the KKW Fragrance account.

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In the snap, Kris wore a black polo neck and leggings as she sat on a white couch alongside Kim, who donned a nude bodysuit and leggings.

“Do they think we won’t notice? Kris looks early twenties here,” a fan said.

Fans were amazed Kris dared to bare all of her wrinkles, redness and dark spots


Fans were amazed Kris dared to bare all of her wrinkles, redness and dark spotsCredit: Instagram
While some fans praised Kris for being authentic others slammed her appearance


While some fans praised Kris for being authentic others slammed her appearanceCredit: Instagram
It all comes after Kris was slammed for a major photoshop fail in Hulu's The Kardashians ad


It all comes after Kris was slammed for a major photoshop fail in Hulu’s The Kardashians adCredit: Instagram

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