People Are Sharing Their Worst Cooking Blunder Ever, And I’m Sorry But I Can’t Stop Laughing

Even if you’re a great cook, there’s a very fine line between a delicacy and inedible. The Gurin Company/Canadian Broadcasting Corporation / Via Reddit user u/GourmetRaceRSlash recently asked, “What is your cooking blunder that you thought would be genius but turned out awful?” Here are a few professional blunders: 1.“The biggest one that comes … Read more

Cancellation of Atlanta festival sparks new fight over guns

ATLANTA (AP) — Tens of thousands of Music Midtown festivalgoers are no longer going to descend on Atlanta’s massive Piedmont Park next month to cheer on hip-hop star Future or watch beloved rock band My Chemical Romance take the stage. In fact, some people are convinced Atlanta — center of the nation’s hip-hop music scene … Read more

Kobe Bryant crash photos were shared by deputies as ‘gossip’, court hears | Kobe Bryant

An institutional “culture of callousness” led Los Angeles county deputies and firefighters to shoot and share photos of the remains of Kobe Bryant and other victims of the 2020 helicopter crash that killed the Lakers star, his 13-year-old daughter and seven others, a lawyer for Bryant’s widow told a jury on Wednesday. Vanessa Bryant’s attorney … Read more

Design thinking can help connect tech pros more directly to customer experience

Amazon There’s a lot of buzz about using the technology tools and skills at our disposal to boost the customer experience — providing friendly, real-time-ish responses to inquiries and orders, and perhaps even providing customers more direct input on the design of products and services they receive. Marketers, salespeople, and company leaders make promises, promises, … Read more