The 2022 Atlanta Food and Restaurant Trends

Remember when bacon was the “It” food of the moment (and in or on everything) and trendy burger bars were opening all over Atlanta? Recently, food trends like mochi donuts and birria have taken hold here. And while some would say veganism is trending hard in Atlanta right now, others would argue such restaurants and … Read more

Here’s What to Do if Your Favorite Stock Is Crashing | personal finance

(Daniel Foelber) Investors have different risk tolerances, time horizons, and sector preferences. But chances are, you have a particular stock or two that you’ve owned for a while or plan on owning for a while. But as large swathes of the market have seen double-digit declines in 2022, what should you do when a company … Read more

Law: Under-the-radar MLB trades worth noticing from Phillies, Reds, Mets and more

Some quick notes on a few more trades from Tuesday’s deadline. I haven’t covered every single trade that happened, focusing on ones that included prospects or that I otherwise found interesting. Twins get: Tyler Mahle Reds get: Spencer Steer, Stephen Hajjar and Christian Encarnacion Strand Mahle has had a bit of bad luck this year, … Read more

Kristin Cavallari says marriage to Jay Cutler was ‘toxic’ and ‘unhealthy’: ‘I was really unhappy’

Kristin Cavallari is talking about divorce and dating in a new interview, including how she won’t be getting back together with old flame/new podcast partner Stephen Colletti. The reality star candidly answered all questions on the Call Her Daddy podcast, including the tougher ones — about what made her marriage with former NFL star Jay … Read more

These are the most googled 3D printing questions of 2022, answered

A view into ZDNet’s Fab Lab. David Gewirtz Custom manufacturing company recently sent me a press release. They help fabricate custom parts, often using 3D printing technology. They caught my attention because they analyzed Google search data to determine the top 10 3D printing-related questions searchers are asking Google. Start here: Everything you need … Read more

Hemophilia B Research Update

Hemophilia B is a rare bleeding disorder that causes blood to clot more slowly than usual. If you have this condition, you may have prolonged bleeding or oozing after an injury or surgery. In severe cases, you may have prolonged bleeding after a minor injury or even with no injury. Hemophilia B is caused by … Read more

Is Buying Long-Term Care Insurance Worth It? | Smart Change: Personal Finance

(Ryan Se) After a lifetime of hard work, you’re ready to enjoy your golden years and live life to the fullest — all without the burden of workplace drama or demanding deadlines. If everything goes according to plan, you’ll live out the remainder of your life happy and healthy. However, a lifetime of experience will … Read more