AI Publishing Academy Review – Scam Or Legit?

You’re here because, just like me, you’ve come across the AI Publishing Academy in your search for an online business venture.

This thriving industry is undoubtedly appealing but you want to know whether you can trust the Mikkelsen Brothers program.

Well you’re in the right place.

I bought AI Publishing Academy and now I can share my unbiased review.

If you’re short on time see my verdict below in the key takeaways section below!

Before I start

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AI Publishing Academy Key Takeaways

  • AI Publishing Academy is an online course teaching how to make money by selling audiobooks on Amazon.

  • The Mikkelsen Twins, creators of the academy, share steps and tools for creating, publishing and marketing audiobooks.

  • The course includes a supportive community on Facebook where successful students offer assistance and share insights.

  • AI Publishing Academy comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied after trying the course.

  • It’s important to consider other self – publishing platforms and competition in the market before deciding to invest in this training program.

  • Verdict: AI Publishing Academy is legit but I have my reservations. I believe the Mikkelsen brothers make the majority of their money selling you the dream, rather than doing what they preach (my opinion).

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What is AI Publishing Academy?

AI Publishing Academy is an online training program, crafted by the Mikkelsen Twins. It’s dedicated to teaching aspiring authors how to generate passive income by successfully publishing and selling audiobooks on Amazon.

Overview of the program

The AI Publishing Academy offers a comprehensive online training program that focuses on the creation and selling of audiobooks. The Mikkelsen Twins, the creators of this program, claim to provide valuable insights into their unique business model for making money online.

The course consists of detailed video lessons covering every aspect—from choosing your initial idea, to creating your first book, finding low-cost writers and graphic designers, all the way to marketing and selling your finished product on Amazon’s Audible platform.

This self-publishing path promises income streams from an automated Amazon business with potential for substantial passive income generation if implemented correctly.

Created by the Mikkelsen Twins

The Mikkelsen Twins, known as Christian and Rasmus, are the masterminds behind the AI Publishing Academy. They have gained immense popularity among aspiring authors for their innovative approach to audiobook creation.

The Mikkelsen Twins tapped into this scarcely exploited area of self-publishing with a unique business model.

Their journey started by trying different online businesses until they stumbled upon audiobooks. Realizing how profitable this sector could be, they decided to share their wealth of knowledge through the AI Publishing Academy course.

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Today, many self-published authors owe their financial success to strategies taught by these twins in creating passive income streams from selling audiobooks.

How Does AI Publishing Academy Work?

At the heart of AI Publishing Academy is a step-by-step training program that teaches you how to make money online by selling audiobooks. The Mikkelsen Twins break down the entire process, from selecting a profitable niche, finding low cost writers and graphic designers, to maximizing marketing tactics for sales.

With an array of resources available – such as AI tools for automated Amazon business and an active Facebook group for support – this course guides you through establishing your own self-publishing business.

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Process of making money through audiobooks

Making money through audiobooks involves several distinct steps.

  1. First, you select an interesting and high – demand topic for your audiobook.

  2. Next, you create engaging content that provides value to the listeners.

  3. Then, you hire a professional narrator who can do justice to your content by grabbing and retaining listeners’ attention.

  4. After the audio recording of your book is complete, you publish it on various online platforms such as Audible, iTunes, and Amazon.

  5. At this point, marketing becomes crucial; SEO – friendly descriptions and buzzworthy promotions lure in potential buyers.

  6. Lastly but most importantly, earn royalties every time someone purchases your audiobook!

  7. Keep checking for feedback and reviews to improve future work.

Training and resources provided

You won’t believe the wealth of training and resources provided by AI Publishing Academy. The curriculum is both comprehensive and well-structured, with lessons that cover:

  1. The basics of audiobook creation: This helps you familiarize yourself with the process and know what to expect.

  2. How to find high-demand niches: This aids in selecting a profitable genre or topic for your audiobooks.

  3. Hiring low-cost writers: This provides insights on sourcing affordable talent to write your content in order to reduce costs.

  4. Working with narrators and graphic designers: They offer guidelines on how to effectively manage these professionals in creating your audiobook.

  5. Marketing tactics for selling audiobooks: You receive proven strategies for successfully marketing and selling your self-published books.

  6. Generating passive income through automated Amazon business: They guide you on ways to set up an income stream that requires minimal effort once established.

Is AI Publishing Academy Legitimacy?

Let’s delve into the legitimacy of AI Publishing Academy by scrutinizing their cost, refund policy and perusing through an array of success stories and testimonials.

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Cost and refund policy

The AI Publishing Academy has a very straightforward cost and refund policy. The course itself carries a hefty price tag, but it’s important to note the value of the training and resources bundled into this offer.

You don’t just pay for an abstract concept; you’re investing in tools that can help fortify your self-publishing game plan. If you’re not satisfied with the training provided, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee in place.

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Just reach out to their customer service within this period and request a full refund—no questions asked! However, they do expect learners to have engaged with course materials before deciding it doesn’t fit their needs.

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Success stories and testimonials

Success stories from AI Publishing Academy are diverse and inspiring. One student, a single mom, managed to establish her business in under six months while juggling childcare responsibilities.

She now generates substantial passive income that grants her the financial freedom she always craved for. A retiree found new purpose by using his free time to learn about audiobook creation and marketing tactics through this online course.

Testimonials show an overwhelming positive feedback with many praising the detailed training program, valuable insights provided by fellow members via the Facebook group, and excellent customer service when help was needed.

People have particularly liked how beginner-friendly it is with step-by-step guidance given on various aspects such as niche selection, where to find low-cost writers and graphic designers etc., making it easier even for those who don’t come from a publishing background.

Alternatives and Comparisons

Exploring other self-publishing platforms can provide broader perspectives. Some may argue that the audiobook market on Amazon is highly saturated, making it challenging to stand out.

It’s helpful to weigh AI Publishing Academy against these alternatives and assess your chances of success in the crowded digital marketplace before committing your resources.

Other self-publishing programs and platforms

Self-publishing is a rapidly growing industry, and there are many other programs and platforms apart from AI Publishing Academy that cater to authors who wish to self-publish. Here’s a closer look at those:

  • Kindle Direct Publishing

  • Smashwords

  • Lulu

  • BookBaby

  • ACX

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Each of these platforms has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. It’s crucial to take into account your personal goals, budget, and needs when selecting the right self-publishing platform.

Saturated market for audiobooks on Amazon

The competition in the audiobook market on Amazon has increased significantly. More authors are discovering the potential for passive income streams through this platform, leading to an influx of new content.

This surge can pose challenges for newcomers trying to establish a foothold and generate substantial income.

Despite the saturation, smart marketing tactics and niche selection can make all the difference in standing out from the crowd. Opting for a less popular genre or targeting specific audiences may offer more opportunities for success.

Even in a crowded marketplace, there’s always room at the top for high-quality products that meet listeners’ needs and expectations.


After thorough research and examination of various aspects, it’s clear that AI Publishing Academy offers substantial resources for those interested in the audio-book business. Its course content, success stories, and supportive community provide a comprehensive guide for beginners eager to dive into this profitable online venture.

Yet, each individual’s journey to financial success will depend greatly on their unique efforts and adaptability to market trends in this ever-evolving industry.

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Overall review of AI Publishing Academy

AI Publishing Academy offers an intriguing business model for venturing into the audiobook market. The program, despite having a high cost of entry, provides comprehensive training and resources to aid in creating profitable audiobooks.

It’s developed by the Mikkelsen Twins, who attract both admiration and criticism alike. Their strategy emphasizes on generating passive income through automated Amazon businesses which may seem skeptical to some, but has proven effective according to numerous success stories available online.

While concerns about saturated markets and artificial intelligence overreach exist, students report valuable insights and positive experiences overall.

Should you join or not?

Choosing to join the AI Publishing Academy is an individual decision that largely depends on your personal objectives and resources. If you aspire to create a passive income stream from self publishing audiobooks, then this program could serve as an advantageous platform for you.

It offers extensive training, valuable insights, and support from successful students who have used their methods effectively.

However, it’s essential to consider the substantial investment required for enrolling in such programs. It demands both time and financial commitment. Keep in mind that success with this business model may not occur overnight – it requires consistent effort, determination, and patience.

If these factors align with your goals and abilities, joining won’t be far-fetched. But if they don’t align well or investing so much money online causes discomfort; exploring other less expensive or free alternatives might be wise before finalizing any decision.


1. What is the AI Publishing Academy?

AI Publishing Academy is an online course created by the Mikkelsen twins which teaches people to sell audiobooks as a business model.

2. How much does it cost to join the AI Publishing Academy?

The exact cost of joining the AI Publishing Academy varies and it’s best to check their official YouTube channel or website for up-to-date information.

3. Is there any negative feedback about The Ai publishing academy?

Yes, some self-published authors have given mixed reviews regarding unrealistic expectations set by the academy and complaints about customer service issues.

4. Are there positive reviews about the Audiobook Income Academy?

Yes! There are many success stories of people who claim their publishing life improved after taking this course, however, one should also be aware of possible fake reviews while researching.

5. Does AI Publishing Academy promise easy money with my first book?

While some might argue that portraying such scenarios leads beginners into having unrealistic expectations, it’s not uncommon in online courses like these where significant effort and strategies are required for success rate improvement predominantly.

6. Can I trust all YouTube videos on Audiobook Income Academy review?

Careful analysis is recommended when viewing YouTube videos related to ‘Audiobook Income Academy Review’. They can contain both helpful advice from successful participants and misleading claims from dissatisfied customers.

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