How Much Does QMS Software Cost?

If you’re researching how much QMS software costs, it’s important to consider value rather than just the initial price tag. Regardless of its initial price, software that’s not a good fit for your business will prove expensive over the long term.

More (and more affordable) alternatives for smaller businesses

Traditionally, QMS systems were targeted at the enterprise level – and they had price tags to match.

Today, smaller businesses are also digitizing and streamlining their systems, and more choices are available.

At isoTracker, we offer QMS software that’s significantly more affordable than average. It’s modular, subscription-based, and designed specifically with small to medium businesses in mind.

Typical 2021 costs of electronic QMS software

Two main factors affect the cost of QMS software. The first of these is the degree of customization and complexity that’s required. The second is the size, or number of users, in your business.

Typical costs for QMS software that’s currently on the market ranges from:

  • $300 to $1000 per month for a startup (fewer than 10 users) looking to cover the basics
  • an average of $2,500 per month for a business in the growth stage (15 to 25 users) looking for a solution that will scale
  • $7,500 or more for an enterprise aiming to improve performance and internal communications.
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These prices are based on a review of popular software attracting four stars or more from customers on Capterra.

Consider 2021 sample prices for two representative QMS software packages from those reviewed.

Example 1

Cloud-based QMS software for small to medium businesses, covering the basics and available through a month-to-month subscription service. Cost: from $299 per month for five full-access users.

Example 2

Popular software designed for small to large audit teams looking for custom audit process automation and simplifying compliance with ISO, COSO, IAA, NIST, DIN and BSI. Cost: from $890 per month for 20 full-access users.

Compare to isoTracker’s pricing below.

isoTracker’s QMS software pricing: how it compares

At isoTracker, we offer highly flexible pricing based on what your business requires and the number of users who need full access.

This means you don’t end up paying for anything your business doesn’t need – and our prices are significantly lower than average.

For example, choose from these alternatives:

  • from $242.16 per month: one module for 20 full-access users
  • from $444.12 per month: two modules for 20 full-access users
  • from $640.47 per month: three modules for 20 full-access users
  • from $825.60 per month: four modules for 20 full-access users
  • from $999.51 per month: five or more modules for 20 full-access users.

Use our table here to determine how much our QMS software costs, given your business needs.

isoTracker’s QMS modules

Our cloud-based QMS software comprises six modules, each of which can stand alone or work as part of an integrated system.

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The modules include:

  • document control
  • complaints management
  • auditing management
  • non-conformance management
  • risk management
  • training management.

The software also features built-in corrective and preventive action (CAPA) capabilities. It’s ideal for small to medium businesses.

Free 60-day trial of isoTracker’s QMS software

At isoTracker, we offer a full 60-day free trial of the full version of our software.

You’re able to integrate it into your business immediately and we’ll help you through the process.

We’ll send regular walk-through emails explaining the key features of each module. You’ll also have a contact person to answer your questions and offer web-based demos of the requested features.

If you then decide to subscribe to our cloud-based software, you keep all your data.

Sign up for a free 60-day trial of isoTracker’s quality management software or contact us to discuss your needs.

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