Gita has her finger on the pulse with regard to industry changes, trends and associated training needs. Throughout her 30 years in the hairdressing and beauty industry, both here and overseas she saw the need for business education for otherwise technical and creatively minded business owners, first needing this information to successfully run her own business. Then writing the program and running it through her own business and taking it out nationally to small to medium business models.

Having established Salon Advantage and Beauty Advantage coaching programs in 2000, the program has remained current with industry trends and current business educational standards. The Business program was developed to enhance management and staff skills in all aspects of sales, service and profit building within the hair and beauty industry. Salon Advantage and Beauty Advantage is a nationally recognized business coaching program delivering these unique and comprehensive training programs to business owners and their staff.

Setting up franchise systems and tools for numerous master franchises nationally utilising the proven tools that are included in Salon Advantage and Beauty Advantage and Business Advantage Management Programs.

Performance Plus Training Academy is excited to have implemented Salon Advantage resources into many Colleges of TAFE in Australia and the Polytech Colleges in New Zealand as a resource tool to deliver units of competencies to our young hairdressers National Training Package.

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Business Advantage Coaching Program has also been tailored for generic small to medium business models and has the opportunity to be tailored specifically for any business; however it is utilized successfully in its current format.

Since developing Salon Advantage Business Coaching Program Gita has been keynote speaker at many industry events including Hair Expo, Hair Biz Forum, Salon Melbourne and Toni&Guy Owners Conferences to name but a few. Many product companies including Schwarzkopf Professional, Goldwell, Salon Support and LabelM have engaged her services as a professional development speaker for both internal staff and their business clients here in Australia and overseas.

Professional Project Coaching is an area of expertise at which Gita excels. The most recent acknowledgement of Gita’s expertise in business coaching and development came in the form of an Award for “Outstanding Service to Toni&Guy” presented by the owners of Toni&Guy Australia, Dennis and Graham Langford. Gita has worked closely with these Global leaders for the past 6 years in a Business Development Management Capacity.

When it comes to business education Gita has devoted many years to the creation of workable systems and structure that can be delivered in a very simple manner. Enrolling staff in the process of growing businesses has been at the fore of the success of this unique and proven business system. The program has remained current with today’s marketplace and workplace and financial issues to ensure it is always cutting edge information being delivered.

Gita is committed to raising the standards in the hair and beauty industry. To date Gita has created many tools that remain exclusive to Salon Advantage and Beauty Advantage, they really do assist in helping all salon owners analyse their business performance showing them where they can earn more money.

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We have been called the conscience of many a business owner, bringing accountability and creating momentum to follow through on tasks that are sometimes overlooked. We are outcome driven to ensure your time and money invested with us produces the results you are after. We help you make more decisions based on fact rather than emotion.

The core values Gita stands strong to throughout the process of her professional career include Integrity, Trust and Honesty, which is why all companies she has been fortunate to work with have continued to maintain contact and utilize her services wherever possible.

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