Is sonara ai legit?

In today’s modern era, job seekers not only want to land their dream jobs but quickly want to land their dream jobs with less effort. But as we know the traditional method of applying to every single job opening is a tedious and lengthy process that not only requires a lot of time but also consumes a big chunk of effort. With the emergence of AI job bots, the job process became a piece of cake. The job boarding software does all the work for you. In today’s blog, we will discuss sonara ai- ai that applies to jobs for you.

What is sonara ai?

Sonara AI is a job boarding platform that uses AI to find jobs for you and automatically applies to multiple jobs and continues the process until you land your dream job. Isn’t it amazing? You need not follow the redundant and repetitive task of applying for jobs. Sonara AI on your behalf will do the same in an effective manner.

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Does sonara ai actually work?

Well, it works! Yes, if you are not employed, you can rely on sonara ai for employment. And if you are employed you still have a chance to upgrade your job status with this job automation software.

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Sonara ai features

  • It automates your job search process
  • Saves your time by automating the job application process
  • Finds that job opportunity for you that you are unable to find manually
  • Saves your effort and energy
  • A large chunk of job opportunities
  • Increased chances of getting a job
  • Manages job process on your behalf
  • More interview calls

What is the alternative to sonara ai?

First and foremost thing is that why look for sonara ai alternatives?

Here are some of the reasons:

  • It lacks customization options
  • There is no guarantee that you will get a verified job
  • The idea is good but the implementation isn’t

Image source: Product Hunt​

  • UI is not up to the mark

​Image source: Product Hunt

  • Only applicable to US jobs
  • Success relies on resume quality only

Sonara ai Alternatives

  1. LazyApply: LazyApply is an AI job search tool that automatically applies to multiple jobs in a single click on different platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, FoundIt, and many more.​
  2. Glassdoor: ​Glassdoor helps jobseekers land their dream jobs and recruiters to attract qualified candidates for their companies.​
  3. FlexJobs: ​FlexJobs is the best site for those job seekers looking for remote jobs.​
  4. Dice: Dice is one of the most trusted online job posting platforms that helps jobseekers and recruiters both in their respective tasks.​
  5. Indeed: Indeed is the most visited job site in the world and is famous for its job application services.​

LazyApply comes out to be the best alternative to sonara ai as it overshadows all the flows of sonara ai like

  • 101% assured job placement with accuracy
  • This applies only to verified jobs
  • This applies not only to US jobs but worldwide
  • Multiple platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, SimplyHired, etc. are integrated
  • Advanced customization available
  • Resume guide with AI builder available
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Sonara AI is a good job automation platform with its multifunctionality like automated job search along with automated job process. But covering all the job boards available in the world is not feasible so you have to check which job automation software is the best fit for you.​

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