Why inflation hit these 10 items hardest in 2022

David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images Inflation popped in 2022 to a level unseen in four decades. But prices ballooned more rapidly for certain items than others, largely concentrated among food, fuel and airfare. Some of those swings were due to outward factors that extended beyond broad inflationary pressures such as snarled supply chains, labor … Read more

Here’s why egg prices surged in 2022 even as the cost of chicken eases

D3 sign | moment | Getty Images The surge in egg prices has stood out in a year when Americans saw their bills balloon across the grocery store. Average egg prices jumped 49.1% in November compared with those a year earlier — the largest annual percentage increase among all grocery items in that period, according … Read more

Chicken prices are finally starting to fall

new York CNN Business — Over the past year, as some meat prices have fallen, chicken prices have remained stubbornly high. Strong demand, supply issues and even breeding problems with under-performing roosters kept the pressure on. The supply shortage even had some restaurants, like Wingstop, experimenting with less popular items like thighs. But now conditions … Read more

Go ahead. Go crazy with avocados. There’s a massive glut and prices are cooling off

new York CNNBusiness — There’s at least one item in the grocery store that’s getting less expensive: avocados. A significant supply of embers of the buttery fruit has triggered a drop in wholesale prices, sending store prices lower as well. With the overall cost of grocery items up a stunning 13% compared to last year, … Read more

Social Security may offer largest cost-of-living adjustment in 40 years

Sollina Images | Tetra Images | Getty Images Retirees who are confronting higher prices due to record high inflation may get some welcome news this week when the Social Security Administration announces the cost-of-living adjustment for 2023. The bump to benefits is slated to be announced Thursday along with new consumer price index data for … Read more