An 81-year-old brain doctor’s 7 ‘hard rules’ for keeping your memory ‘sharp as a whip’

Like any other part of your body, your brain needs daily exercise. Neglecting your brain health can make you vulnerable to degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. As a neuroscientist, I’ve spent decades guiding patients with memory problems through brain-enhancing habits and exercises — many of which I practice, too. Here … Read more

James Gunn Debunks Ezra Miller Flash, Wonder Woman DCU Rumors

image: Warner Bros. Another familiar WandaVision face will return for Coven of Chaos. You’ve still got a ways to go before Henry Cavill’s final Witcher season drops. Sarah Michelle Gellar doesn’t ever want to come back as Buffy. Plus, a new look at the Mayfair Witches premiere. Spoilers get! the flash According to a new … Read more

Willow Ep 4 Disney+ Recap: The Whispers of Nockmaar

Time to do some magic, Willow.image: Lucasfilm Where willow the movie ended, the fourth episode of the show began. Nockmaar. Castle of the evil Queen Bavmorda. The place where Willow, Sorsha, and Raziel saved Elora Danon and thought they’d put an end to evil. Well, evil is coming back in the person of a possessed … Read more

The Last Jedi’s Complicated Legacy

image: Disney/Lucasfilm Back in March, I wrote about how Mass Effect 3 Served as a catalyst for the state of fandom today. When fans aren’t being breathlessly enthusiastic about a thing they love, they’re pissing each other off (and everyone else off) by being just self-aware enough to know they’ve got a problem, but not … Read more

Margot Robbie Wants the Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy Romance In the Movies

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Movie: The Retro Review

Screenshot: Lucasfilm So much has happened to the star Wars franchise in the last 14 years that it can be difficult to remember that the new canon actually began with Dave Filoni’s Clone Wars cartoon. It was retroactively added into Disney’s new star Wars stories by virtue of being a pretty good show helmed by … Read more

Chris Hemsworth Says Things Need to Change for Return

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The MCU Phase 4 felt like Marvel’s most disjointed—because it was

(From left) Scarlett Johansson in Black WidowElizabeth Olsen in WandaVisionTom Holland in Spider Manand the new Black Pantherimage: Courtesy of Marvel Studios, Courtesy of Marvel Studios, Courtesy of Sony Pictures, Courtesy of Marvel Studios Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe wasn’t supposed to launch the way it did. Until 2019, Marvel Studios had been … Read more

The House of the Dragon Finale Teaser Crashes the Coronation

Screenshot: HBO We’ve got a lot of Marvel rumors and hints to share, including some choice words from Mark Ruffalo about the possibility of a World War Hulk movie and Jonathan Majors regarding what a Kang is (seriously). There’s also a spooky/creepy/freaky new trailer for American Horror Story: NYC. Cast off, spoilers! Phenomena 2 Variety … Read more

Supernatural Prequel The Winchesters Casts Superman Tom Welling

image: The CW V/H/S reveals another anthology, with a major new slew of directors. Mike Flanagan is no longer a part of Netflix’s Something Is Killing the Children adaptation. Plus, get a look at the latest Walking Dead spinoff, dead cityand new Titans clips tease a showdown with Lex Luthor. Spoilers get! Nosferatu deadline reports … Read more