General Hospital Recap: Michael’s Voice Brings Willow Back From Death

At Spring Ridge, Esme is stunned to learn Nikolas is her baby’s father. He admits it is complicated, but she can trust him. He explains their emotional states of mind when they conceived this child. Nikolas asks Esme to sign a document, which he hands her, claiming it’s just a formality. He promises to make … Read more

General Hospital Recap: Willow Codes & Harmony Greets Her in the Light

At the hospital, Jordan and Stella go into an office to privately talk about the genealogy tests. Stella knows Jordan was oddly interested in her own DNA test, which had a glitch, and indicated she had a relative in town. Stella asks if she’s still thinking she has a secret love child in Port Charles. … Read more

General Hospital Recap: Carolyn Webber Returns & Surprises Elizabeth

At Wyndemere, Victor reveals to Nikolas that he agreed to give Ava Spoon Island in their divorce, minus important family heirlooms. He feels Wyndemere is a small price to pay given how Ava could damage their family name. Nikolas refuses to allow his uncle to take away his home. Victor reminds him of the evidence … Read more

General Hospital Recap: Nina and Michael Learn Nina is Willow’s Mother

At home, Portia, Curtis and Trina play cards. Portia asks Trina who she keeps texting. She explains it’s Spencer, who needs a friend right now. She reveals he’s going through a lot with his father and Esme resurfacing. They ask her about her feelings on Esme’s return. Trina admits she’s conflicted about Esme. Related Story … Read more

General Hospital Recap: Obrecht Visits Esme to Avenge Britt’s Death

Felicia stops by the Quartermaine stables to see Cody. He asks what brings her by so bright and early. She explains Mac would have delivered this bit of news himself if he wasn’t working on an investigation. She tells him that Britt died last night. Felicia fills him in off-screen about the details. Related Story … Read more

General Hospital Recap: Heather Kills Britt Who Dies at Her Party

Laura drops by Nina’s place to see Ava. She’s worried about Nikolas and asks what Victor has on her son. Ava thinks about Esme going over the parapet but claims to Laura that she can’t help and has realized Nikolas hasn’t been honest with her about everything. Laura thought their relationship would make him a … Read more

General Hospital Recap: Heather Webber Is Revealed as the Hook Killer

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Liz about Esme’s escape and plunge over the parapet. He has no idea if she drowned, if she on the island, or made her way to the mainland. Liz doesn’t see how she could survive the fall in her third trimester. Related Story Move Over, Magic Milo! Watch General Hospital’s Chad … Read more