Healthy gut microbiome linked to insulin response

Share on PinterestDesign by MNT; Photography by Public Health Image Library, Attribution, via Wikimedia Commons & Lucas Ottone/Stocksy A recent study analyzed associations between 36 bacteria found in the gut and a person’s ability to maintain healthy insulin levels. They found 10 bacteria associated with a lower rate of blood sugar levels fluctuating abnormally. The … Read more

Good bacteria may have anti-inflammatory effects

Share on PinterestA recent study found that types of gut bacteria in people with MS may vary depending on whether they’re experiencing symptoms. Design by MNT; Photography by Mark Jepson/Wellcome Collection & Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images According to a recent study, people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) do not have the same composition of gut bacteria … Read more

Gut microbiota a potential biomarker for age status, researchers say

Chinese scientists used data from multiple independent large-scale genome-wide association studies (GWAS) on gut microbiota and longevity to examine the genetic correlation and potential causal association between gut microbiota and longevity. They performed linkage disequilibrium score (LDSC) regression and Mendelian Randomisation (MR) analyzes and note genetic correlations between four bacterial species and three (GWAS) aging … Read more