Asia Cup 2022 – Virat Kohli: ‘I was desperate to do something that wasn’t in my game’

“Personally, since I’ve come back from a break where I didn’t touch the bat for the longest time in the 13-14 years I’ve played, a lot of things were put into perspective,” Kohli told Rohit in a chat on BCCI’s official portal. “I got a lot of clarity from you guys [pointing to Rohit] and … Read more

Plastics Linked to Rising Rates of Autism

Air Date: Week of August 5, 2022 stream/download this segment as an MP3 file Scientists, physicians and activists are calling for more studies on autism that examine both genetics and toxic chemicals. (Photo: The Focal Project, Flickr, CC BY NC 2.0) The CDC reports that 1 in 44 children are currently identified with autism spectrum … Read more