Netflix’s ‘The Carter’ Makes ‘The Gray Man’ Look Like Child’s Play

There are upon thousands thousands of action movies and yet virtually none deliver the sheer, gonzo pandemonium of The Carter, a film of such bravura showmanship that, with each successive set piece, it feels like it’s actively shaming its genre brethren. South Korean director Jung Byung-gil’s prior The Villainess was its own masterpiece of brutality, … Read more

Jamie Foxx’s Vampire-Slaying Pool Cleaner Is a Cry for Help

It’s easy to imagine first-time director JJ Perry and screenwriters Tyler Tice and Shay Hatten in the pitch meeting for Dayshiftselling it as a Lethal Weapon riff with hungry vampires and John Wick ultra violence. All of which is to say, there’s absolutely nothing novel about this Netflix B-movie (Aug. 12), whose lack of originality … Read more

‘Fall’ Is the Most Anxiety-Inducing Movie of the Summer

It may have nothing on Free SoloElizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin’s unbelievably harrowing 2018 documentary about rock climber Alex Honnold (who achieves his record-breaking feats sans ropes, harnesses or any other protective gear), but case remains the most anxiety-inducing film of the summer. The story of two friends who wind up stranded atop the … Read more

Rebecca Hall’s 7-minute monologue in ‘Resurrection’ Is a Tour de Force

Show, don’t tell. Normally, that’s a cardinal rule in movie-making—at least for everyone other than Aaron Sorkin. Using copious amounts of dialogue can be seen as a narrative crutch, a missed opportunity for actors to use their bodies to tell the stories on the page. This is what can make monologues so powerful in the … Read more

‘They/Them’ Has the Worst Movie Scene of the Year, Featuring a Pink Song

The horror genre is filled with tropes that are designed to creep you out, things that have been used for decades to terrify audiences. The jump scare, the face in the bathroom mirror, the chase scene—need I continue? It would seem that there’s nothing left to scare us, that everything’s been done hundreds of times … Read more

‘Not Okay’ Is a Big Waste of Dylan O’Brien’s Time

One of the many issues with the internet scammer movie not okavailable to stream on Hulu today, occurs before it even starts. There’s a content warning that opens the film, seemingly with the intent of announcing itself as a satire, that lists the following: “flashing lights, themes of trauma and an unlikable female protagonist.” The … Read more