Netflix’s ‘The Carter’ Makes ‘The Gray Man’ Look Like Child’s Play

There are upon thousands thousands of action movies and yet virtually none deliver the sheer, gonzo pandemonium of The Carter, a film of such bravura showmanship that, with each successive set piece, it feels like it’s actively shaming its genre brethren. South Korean director Jung Byung-gil’s prior The Villainess was its own masterpiece of brutality, … Read more

‘Fall’ Is the Most Anxiety-Inducing Movie of the Summer

It may have nothing on Free SoloElizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin’s unbelievably harrowing 2018 documentary about rock climber Alex Honnold (who achieves his record-breaking feats sans ropes, harnesses or any other protective gear), but case remains the most anxiety-inducing film of the summer. The story of two friends who wind up stranded atop the … Read more

‘I Am Groot’ Is a Delightful Marvel Superhero Kids Snack

Disney+ hasn’t just allowed Marvel to expand its interconnected universe—it’s afforded the studio an opportunity to both branch out into diverse genres and styles, such as the recent Ms. Marvel, which took a Disney Channel tween-sitcom approach to the MCU’s trademark formula, as well as to integrate animation into its fold. The latter is a … Read more