This style of travel is growing more popular among the 50-plus set, and it can offer a richer, more relaxing experience

This article is reprinted by permission from Travel for most of us falls into two categories: vacations and trips. Vacations are when daily life has you stressed to the max, so you arrive at your destination to relax and do as little as possible the entire time you’re there. Trips are when you think … Read more

How to Safely Use Payment Apps

Kimberley Palmer As a frequent PayPal user, I wasn’t surprised to see a payment request on the app pop up. But when I read it, I knew something was wrong. In the message, a stranger asked me to send them $699 in order to get a “refund.” While I instantly recognized the request as a … Read more

Why it pays to wait to claim Social Security retirement benefits

Moyo Studio | E+ | Getty Images The first Social Security check was issued 83 years ago. The check, for $22.54, went to retired legal secretary Ida May Fuller of Ludlow, Vermont. Today, in 2023, the average retirement benefit is $1,827 per month, according to the Social Security Administration. The maximum Social Security benefit for … Read more

As retirees worry about tax surprises, these filing resources may help

Allison Michael Orenstein | Getty Images As the tax season kicks off, seniors may be facing new questions this year. A record 5.9% Social Security cost-of-living adjustment last year likely pushed up their income. Meanwhile, other income, such as required minimum distributions, other retirement account withdrawals or part- or full-time work may make filing more … Read more

3 key things to know before opening a home equity line of credit

HELOC use rose as cash-out refis dropped Last year, as mortgage rates climbed higher, accessing home equity by taking cash against it during refinancing (a so-called cash-out refi) became less appealing. Rates on mortgages went from close to 3% at the beginning of 2022 to a peak of above 7% in the fall. Right now, … Read more

Why Tax Refunds May Be Smaller in 2023 | personal finance

Last year’s tax refunds were supersized for many families. Economic impact payments, an increased child tax credit and expanded eligibility for other tax breaks helped boost the average refund to $3,039 in 2022, a 7.5% increase from the year before. Now, many pandemic-related enhancements to tax credits and deductions have expired, and the IRS warns … Read more

4 Ways To Save Money On Your Personal Loan

The tried and true advice on covering a large (and planned) expense is to gradually save for it (preferably in a high-yield savings account). But sometimes the cost of a home renovation or unexpected medical procedure can overwhelm even the most prudent saving plan or emergency fund. That’s when personal loans can really shine as … Read more

Rekindle Your Fizzling Financial Resolutions

Dalia Ramirez Save more, spend less and pay off debt are popular New Year’s resolutions — and perhaps the ones most likely to fall by the wayside a few weeks into the year when reality sets in and expenses derail plans. But an early-in-the-year setback, like paying your health insurance deductible or the credit card … Read more

How Couples Can Team Up on Debt Repayment

Sarah Rathner Between financially helping his parents and losing income as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jeremy Mazza landed into serious credit card debt. Relief came from a source he wasn’t expecting: his partner, Ginna Lambert, who had come into a small inheritance. She suggested “investing” part of her bounty in their shared future … Read more

Streaming the Super Bowl Has Gotten Weird. Some stocks you might want to watch.

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