Bold & Beautiful Recap: Sheila Warns Katie Not to Interfere With Her and Bill

In her office, Taylor tells Ridge by phone that the situation with Bill and Sheila is under control. He shouldn’t come back to confront Bill because he’ll just yell and scream and make the situation worse. Sheila appears and Taylor lets Ridge go. Sheila wanted to talk to her now that she’s learned they’re really … Read more

Bold & Beautiful Recap: Taylor Learns Bill Blackmailed Steffy

At the court hearing, Steffy and Finn watch Sheila walk out the door with a sly smile on her face and Steffy screams, “No!” They turn on the judge, who explains that if they won’t testify against her there’s no other physical evidence linking her to the crime scene. There are no other witnesses, just … Read more

Bold & Beautiful Recap: Sheila Goes Free Thanks to Mike Guthrie’s Evidence

At Forrester, Brooke and Taylor discuss Sheila’s hearing. Brooke thinks maybe it will provide closure for Steffy and Finn. Taylor hopes it’s cathartic for them and taunts that it’s the end of the road for poor, misunderstood Sheila Carter. Taylor and Brooke dig into their takeout and marvel over deciding to spend the afternoon together. … Read more

Bold & Beautiful Recap: Bill Doubles Down on His Threat Against Taylor

At Bill’s place, Steffy tells him she can see in his eyes that Katie and Brooke hurt him. She warns Sheila preys on vulnerability and is relieved he came to his senses. “Thank you, you reconsidered.” Now, Sheila is back behind bars where she belongs, but Steffy needs to know that Bill is no longer … Read more

Bold & Beautiful Recap: Wyatt and Liam Find Sheila’s Wig at Bill’s House

At the cliff house amid the storm, Bill intones, “You two aren’t the only ones who were shot.” Sheila reminds Steffy she knows who shot Bill. “Your mother.” Steffy gawps at Spencer and asks, “How could you do this?!?” Bill tells her the choice is hers — if they prosecute Sheila, she won’t be the … Read more

Bold & Beautiful Recap Bill Arrives at Cliff House, Sheila/Steffy/Finn

Finn and Steffy’s romantic evening is interrupted when the door to the cliff house flies open — and they are horrified to see Shelia standing in the entranceway of their home. “Oh my God, Sheila!” Steffy cries out. The sound of thunder crashes around them as lightening flashes within the room. Finn jumps up and … Read more

Bold & Beautiful Recap: Brooke & Ridge Kiss at Eric’s Christmas Party

The Forrester mansion is all decked out as guests began arriving for the annual event. Sure, Sheila’s on the loose, but that doesn’t mean the family is going to lock the front door or have security call to announce guests. Obviously, Sheila wouldn’t dare interrupt the festivities! Related Story The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers … Read more