Moscow-based renowned professor denounces France as “genetic Turkophobic, Islamophobic”

By Prof. Kamran Rustamov Ethnic Frenchman Pope Urban II called for a crusade against the Turks. “Madam, by killing Turks, Your Imperial Majesty prolongs my days,” Voltaire wrote to Catherine II in 1769. Famous French writer Victor Hugo in one of his books once wrote that “with the barbarians”, and this is how he characterized … Read more

Q&A: cloud computing law in Turkey

Legislation and regulation Recognition of concept Is cloud computing specifically recognized and provided for in your legal system? If so, how? There is no legal definition of cloud computing technologies. Yet, there are references to cloud computing technologies or services within the scopes of personal data protection, data localization and cybersecurity for public institutions and … Read more

The world food crisis is about to get worse – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article Six months of fighting between Russia and Ukraine — two farming powerhouses — has plunged a teetering global food system into full-blown catastrophe, leaving millions of people facing starvation. The war is exacerbating a crisis already fueled by climate change, soaring costs of living and a fertilizer price … Read more