Trombone Champ creator sounds off about baboons, trombone traphouse, and Goku vs Vegeta

Music rhythm game Trombone Champ (opens in new tab) became the main character on Twitter yesterday, but in a good way. After posting a video of myself playing Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, scores of people were delighted, enthusiastic, and in some cases even moved to tears (because of how horribly I played (opens in new tab)).

But Trombone Champ isn’t just a fast-paced, fun, and goofy music game. There’s way, way more to it than just trying to toot along to The William Tell Overture, Hava Nagila, and a trap mix of Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. There’s a dramatic Dark Souls-like cutscene introduction, lots of secrets and mysteries and unlockable trombones, a turd-based card creation system, a summonable demon, hefty doses of trombone lore, a lot of information about how many hot dogs legendary trombone players can eat in a single sitting, and more baboons than you would expect in a music game. (I would expect zero baboons in a music game. I would be way off.)

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