Velocify Launches New Dialing Features to Dial-IQ

Velocify, a provider of cloud-based intelligent sales automation software, has launched several advanced dialing features in its Velocify Dial-IQ solution.

The dialer’s new local presence capabilities allow salespeople to call prioritized leads from any area code nationwide. The new transfer capabilities provide flexibility and reduce drop-off rates allowing agents answering calls the option to cold transfer, warm transfer, and now transfer calls without ever putting the caller on hold. The enhanced sales dialer also boasts a new interface along with greater audio quality and back-end performance.

With Velocify Dial-IQ’s improved user interface and expanded features, managers will also have access to more detailed reports about activity and performance for individual sales reps and larger teams. Comprehensive records of lead handling across the organization enable companies to track how call routing and lead distribution strategies affect various sales metrics.

Velocify Dial-IQ provides sales reps with comprehensive dialing functionality, including the following:

  • Click-to-Dial and “next call” persistent outbound calling;
  • Flexible caller ID options, including local presence;
  • Inbound call routing and campaign tracking;
  • Pre-recorded voicemail delivery;
  • Single-click call dispositioning; and
  • Multi-option call transferring, including no-hold transfer.

New key features include the following:

  • Local presence dialing: The new local presence feature gives sales reps the option to call a lead from local area codes as opposed to the company headquarters or an 800 number. For each lead, a local number will automatically appear in the sales rep’s dialer display to match the area code where the lead is located. The local presence feature also ensures returned calls from leads are routed back to the same sales agent that reached out to them to create a seamless experience.
  • Multioption transfers; Cold, warm, and no-hold transfers provide flexibility for sellers in how they design the experience for prospective buyers through call transfers. The latest no-hold transfer feature allows agents to pass the lead to another sales rep while maintaining an active conversation with the buyer, all without hold music or ring-throughs. Instead, the system automatically looks for another available agent and connects a three-way call. The originating agent can disconnect once the two parties are joined.
  • Usability, Performance and Reporting Upgrades: Salespeople and managers will see upgrades to performance, better usability, and more robust reporting options from Velocify Dial-IQ. By leveraging WebRTC technology, Velocify Dial-IQ delivers improved audio quality on every call. A redesigned user interface also gives sales reps access to more info on each lead, along with greater flexibility when choosing which leads to contact next. Finally, Velocify has added new automatic actions that sales reps can select after each call, along with a persistent dialing upgrade.

“Velocify Dial-IQ is a powerful sales dialer that greatly accelerates sales performance,” said Velocify President and CEO Nick Hedges. “Our newest local presence dialing feature will be a must-have for any sales organization, and multioption transfer technology can dramatically improve the way companies handle internal lead transfers.”

“With local presence dialing our sales reps are already contacting 50 percent more of our leads,” said Brian Surgener, regional director of strategy at Bridgeview Bank Mortgage Company, which has deployed an early release version of the new dialer. “Being the first to contact and have a conversation with a borrower greatly increases our chances of being the provider they select. We anticipate this new feature will have a positive impact on our conversion rate and revenue.”

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