What Happened Between Katie Holmes And Nicole Kidman?

When it comes to famous actors that receive a ton of coverage, few out there compare to what Tom Cruise had dealt with through the years. Whether it’s for his movies, for his love life, or for anything in between, the man stays in the headlines.

Cruise has a number of famous exes, including both Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman. Normally, exes would steer clear from one another, but something took place between Kidman and Holmes that few saw coming.

Let’s take a look at both of these stars and see what happened between them.


Katie Holmes Has Had Quite The Love Life

Dating back to the 1990s, Katie Holmes has been a fixture in the entertainment industry. At one point, she was the It girl in Hollywood, and young people were swooning over the star as she grew in popularity.

In 2005, after being successful in the business for years, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise struck up a romance. Less than two months after meeting, they were quickly engaged, and things continued to escalate from there.

The following year, the couple not only got married, but they brought a child into the world. Suddenly, they were the most talked-about couple in the world, and tabloids could not get enough of the pair.

All good things come to an end, however, and in 2012, Holmes filed for divorce from Cruise. She was granted custody of her daughter, and she and Cruise have both since moved on from their time together.

Holmes is one of Cruise’s most famous exes, but there are two parties involved in this story, meaning we also need to take a look at the other person, which is none other than Nicole Kidman.

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Nicole Kidman Also Has A History

Kidman is an Oscar-winning actress who has been a mainstay in Hollywood for decades. She turned into outstanding work in both film and television projects, and at one point, she was one of the highest-paid entertainers in Hollywood.

It’s incredible to reflect on Kidman’s list of credits and what she’s accomplished, but it’s important here to focus on her time with Tom Cruise.

The duo met back at the tail end of the 1980s when working on Days of Thunder together, and they struck up a romance that blossomed into a marriage. In fact, their marriage was easily one of the most-covered unions of its era.

Cruise and Kidman married back in 1990, and they remained married until 2001. The couple adopted two children while they were married.

Now that we have context for both parties, we need to take a look at what happened between Kidman and Holmes some time ago.

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Holmes And Kidman Have A Secret Bond

So, what in the world happened between Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman? Well, thanks to their unique connection of having been married to Tom Cruise, these two have managed to form a bond with one another.

According to OK! magazinesHolmes turned to Kidman for advice and a friendly ear after she and Cruise called it quits.

“They shared a very unique experience. Nicole knew firsthand how difficult it was to walk away from Tom and the stress that comes with being married to such a huge star,” a source told the magazine.

A source also told the magazine that the two stars were also able to connect after they both rejected Scientology, the church that Cruise has belonged to fort ages.

“Nicole finally felt free to say her piece. She grew a lot in the years since her split from Tom and was no longer afraid of being silenced by the church,” the source said.

Kidman offered some sage advice to Holmes fresh after the split from Cruise.

“She would tell her that everything was going to be OK and congratulated her on taking such a brave step,” the source said.

It’s pretty incredible that these two were able to connect after their failed marriages to Cruise. It’s not exactly the type of situation that brings people together, but Kidman and Holmes found common ground.

“She has a lot of respect for Nicole as one of the best actresses of her generation and also as a compassionate and impressive human being,” the source told OK!.

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Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman now share a connection in the wake of Holmes’ separation from Tom Cruise. It’s always nice to have support in tough times, and Holmes found it in Kidman.

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