What today’s health-conscious consumer wants from a snack

With nervousness heightened by a global pandemic, many consumers are choosing to add snack breaks to their day. In fact, the 2021 Global Consumer Snacking Trends Study by Mondelez International shows that over the past 12 months, 64% of consumers replaced a meal with a snack.

If this trend continues, formulators will need to be aligned with the types of treats customers want: snacks that are both satisfying and lean into other current trends.

“Today, consumers are largely focusing on the environmental impact and functional nutrition when it comes to choosing a snack,”​ said Paula Bentley, UK sales manager at Chaucer Foods.

“Many natural ingredients, such as fruits and vegetables, fit in with the new consumer trends we’ve seen shape the industry. By incorporating these recognizable ingredients, you can help your customers feel secure in their snack purchasing decisions — and satisfied to eat them.”

Sustainable snacking

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Rising global environmental concerns have led to growing interest in sustainable food choices.

“In order to improve the environment through their food choices, consumers are increasingly demanding evidence of sustainable practices across the supply chain,” said Bentley, noting that Mondelez’s research shows that 85% of consumers would buy – or would like to buy – snacks from a company working to offset their environmental impact.

Additionally, a survey from Food & Beverage Insider revealed 55% of consumers more likely to purchase a packaged food item if it includes a sustainability claim.


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